Being There

Aside from this being the title of one of my top 5 favorite films, it is probably the sensation that I chase over and over throughout the days and months in which I have been waking up with shocking reliability but under appreciating the fact. Being suddenly thrilled about whatever is happening at the moment very occasionally does happen while you notice. It is unforgettable (hopefully() and vividly remembered (also hopefully). For me it has happened most frequently surrounded by nature, or by people who are somehow having the exact same experience, although none of us verbalize it.  Both are vividly intense but the latter one is truly undescribable. It is the original “you had to be there” and I can count those on the fingers of one hand. Then there are days like today, when everything that happens, particularly the most trivial aspects, are just perfect, desired, acceptable and satisfying. Decided to sleep longer? No problem. That means truly not finding any reason for it to be otherwise. Asana with a possible pinched shoulder nerve? perfect way of having an authentic non-striving meditative practice. If you are alive in the North East I do not need to describe the kind of day and what it feels to be outdoors right now feels like. For someone who spends her time daydreaming about how it would be to live in places she visits, feeling just full of gratitude and satisfaction for standing right where I am, feels overwhelmingly great.  And all it takes is pretty much saying yes to whatever happens next. Sorry, I mean now. See how simple and how difficult it is to stay there?? My teacher likes to repeat the phrase “equal standing” during led practices. Tomorrow, daytime and night time will have equal standing. Maybe that is the vibe I am sensing today. Happy new moon.

2 thoughts on “Being There

  1. Being There is such a brilliant film! Peter Sellers at his best! I strive for that fabulous peace of mind in enjoying now, and yes it is truly precious when it hits. I hope you are still feeling it! Enjoy your moon day:)

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