The Pros and Cons of Consensus

I did not do an official tally, it was more like eavesdropping. But I can tell you that I heard both in the lobby of the shala and at the adjacent coffee shop,  several comments  about how this morning’s practice was the best practice ever. Yours truly included. Lots of sweat and no signs of exhaustion. I turned around to look at the room before leaving because I love to check out the steam emanating from the bodies still inside, which to me is still one of the coolest most badass aspects of this practice.  As I was leaving I asked someone if they happened to know if the afternoon session would start at 1:30 PM like the day before, and he answered that he was pretty sure it started at two because this was the only day he was registered for an he had memorized the times. He is shall we say a colleague of my teacher’s so I took him at his word. Shame on me for not checking (because  I was so excited about the length of the break!) but it turns out that was incorrect and I, who shows up at least 15 minutes early even for a root canal, ended being barely on time. That is the con about consensus. I am sure there was absolutely no intent to mislead.  So afternoon pranayama. Lots of good pointers. Such as what to focus on, how the Gayatri mantra is ideal for measuring alternate nostril breathing, lots of imagery to encourage the practice of pranayama, the ideal times to establish and stabilize your practice, and of course lots of anecdotes and humor which are two key markers which identify a master teacher. I will say, and I hope that this does not bite me in the ass, that he went easy on us. My first pranayama lesson was with  Srivasta Ramaswami and that is how I roll. Nothing different from what Timji shared, but lets say Ramaswami”s retentions  were a tad more traumatic.

A lovely lady person brought prasad for the end of the session and I wanted to take a photo of the beautiful heart shaped yummy chocolate heart, but once again, we generated so much tapas that it started to melt almost immediately. News flash: Tim revealed that he has several additional chapters of Dust completed but yet to be released to “the Internets”.

Parampara: gotta love it. Thanks VZS.

5 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Consensus

  1. Val and Deb K. put me on a morning pranayama practice around the time Ramaswami came to teach at the shala. Happy coincidence that I had my ayurvedic analysis done around the same time. Practice increases mind and lung capacity. Clarification: I am only talking about alternate nostril breathing. I merely giggled at my efforts to imitate those kriyas.

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