There is some disagreement on spelling and pronunciation, but absolutely none on definition or meaning. I found this on Facebook (No,really??) http://ashtangapictureproject.com/body-dysmophia-yoga-community/

I can tell you why it still is a thing. Because we still look at body parts like if we could purchase/shop/barter/work/ for them. When I say we, I really mean women. And as consumers of this meat market, we can stop shopping anytime. Really. Keep analyzing Kathy’s tush, and at Kino’s abs, while dreaming of Peg’s bicep’s, and  Laruga’s legs (ALL THESE ARBITRARY STREAM OF THOUGHT BTW) and be confident that your dysmorphia will be well nourished. I know you look at David Robson’s, practice, and you check David Garrigue’s videos. DO not get me started on Matthew Sweeney. You look at their practice don’t you? Hehehe. You look at what their bodies can do, not what their bodies look like while doing it, right? Try looking at KIno and at Laruga with the same respect. Rant over.

8 thoughts on “Dismorphiaaaaa!!!!

  1. The most interesting thing to me was seeing that Sports Illustrated cover from 1993. And I think men dissect other men’s bodies and compare, they just do it secretly.

    • Each time I see the hoopla over the sports illustrated cover I marvel at how that is still a thing like John Oliver says. Here we are talking about the practice of Ashtanga and it’s supposed effects on body image, but somehow those three fussed upon bodies (the way they make rent literally) creep into a conversation about yoga. No, about just asana, because if it was about yoga the first thing that would stop us from squeezing our spongy parts would be remembering hearing more than one time that yoga is about learning how to die. Only this year I realized you can be pretty pudgy and still do Supta K. You can be strong and still look like the Michelin man. I have other rants inside the rant but I’m going to spread them out in replies to Michelle and Nobel 🙂

      • well actually what I was interested in on that cover was how fleshy and lovely the ladies were compared to the sticks they show us now, thinking wow, things have gotten worse…

        as for ashtanga, my experience has been that the more you do, the more comfortable you get with your body…

      • I did get that, they are the picture of health and vitality instead of a clothes hanger for jeans with the coveted thigh gap. Still nothing to do with what we demand of ourselves since our photographed bodies and the solitary activities they might sometimes be used for, are not what we depend on to put food on the table. Sorry, the swimsuit issue of sports illustrated is a trigger for me. A trigger!!! 😀

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    • And this from the unofficial queen of Sirsasana!! What hope is there for the rest of us??? Lol, that was a beautiful ass kicking post woman. I do not want to pretend that most humans, and particularly those who have the discipline and self motivation to go after optimal health and vitality, desire to become and remain attractive. I do think that it is sloppy and foolish to confuse that goal with the process of advancing your Ashtanga practice. It is the greedy mistake that our culture keeps making using the code “multitasking”. If you want to knock of body conditioning, with wearing your cutest outfit, while looking after your spiritual growth you are an insane greedy Mofer who thinks that having read the Gita and the Sutras are just to show off during workshops. I had a heat flash while writing this.

  2. The only practice I look at these days is my own, as in that Youtube video that I made a couple of years ago of me doing primary series. I simply don’t have the time or even the desire to look at much else. But maybe I suffer from another kind of disorder (narcissism, perhaps? :-))

    P.S. I know I sound a little unsympathetic here, but aren’t we all taking ourselves a little too seriously? I mean, sure, people have nice bodies and beautiful practices. Why not just look at them, smile, be happy for them, and then move on and do our own practices? Just saying.

    • Resurrection!! We miss you. No not narcissism. Howevah, like they say nearby, everyone that undertakes a task related to improving themselves has to tangle with that pesky issue of pride. That is pretty much what this whole conversation is about. How to salvage it instead of how to incinerate and burn it. We all want nice things but not liking what we already have is why we cannot have them.

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