Doing Things Twice

Did you know that if you had metal fillings while young, cavities can still form underneath them??? I found out that  since my last dental exam I was now the owner of six cavities so deep that I spent five hours on the dentist chair. It could have been less hours but they did not have any more appointments until after December and that would mean leaving insurance money on the table. So now I have been drilled on twice in the same place, and I have no compulsion in saying that I am not interested in being still alive for the third time.

When I first became interested in yoga, I did not read the Sutras, The Gita, or The Yoga Pradipika. I read these

contentth-1thAnd now I have to read them again before I visit India, because I read them too early into my practice and retained very little.












Also about doing things twice, I wish we as a nation would not have to suffer the embarrassment twice, of seeing proof that we acted like the Germans, who would not believe what the Nazis had done. The Nazis also believed they were the good guys, Dick.

4 thoughts on “Doing Things Twice

    • And kaching! You just hemorrhage money whether you have insurance or not. I do remember bits and pieces of the legends told in Ka, he is a wonderful storyteller, but like in all mythologies who is who and related to whom gets confusing really fast and early on. >

  1. There’s a reading list?! I didn’t get it yet, must have missed the email. Good thing I’m already reading Ka, and the Doniger has been on my list for a long time. Sigh. So many books, so little time!

    • This is not the reading list Michelle!!!! Hahahahahha, This is stuff that I read like six years ago and went in one ear and out the other (not all of it, but there certainly are gaps). I am sure we will get reading list but this one is not it. >

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