I’ve had very light practices (three As, two Bs, standing, and closing) since last Wednesday. Add some of the same today because we lollygagged in Portland yesterday and arrived home really late. What has been quite remarkable during this time, is that I have remembered an almost serial yoga dream that I seem to resume every night. The dream is a constantly interrupted practice at my regular shala (which of course in the dream looks nothing like the non-dream time shala) and I keep getting asked to move for one more to a hard to find room, or to answer the phone (?), or a new person is asking me a million questions, and last time it involved a bus ride to fetch some mats. When I return to my practice, each time, I am practically weightless each time I do a chaturanga or a jump back. I marvel at how it feels and am at times aware that it is a dream because ofย  how easy and powerful it feels. It is almost like discovering how to negotiate or rather collaborate with gravity,instead of opposing it. Of course whatever dream state discovery I have made has yet to travel into the waking state, but it is a vivid memory, which again reminds me of being a child and wondering if what happened in my pleasant dreams can be replicated.

5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I used to have those Yoga Easy dreams sometimes, where I’d have my feet together in backbend and would jog my hands to them & climb the backs of my legs effortlessly, lol. But I’d also get the traumatic OH MY GOD! SOMEONE STOLE MY YOGA MAT!!! dreams. Or the floor keeps moving dreams.

  2. See? I combine the roadblock dream with the easy dream! and I just remembered that I was asked to to the second part of Primary on a puffy wavy fleece blanket because a new person “borrowed” my mat.
    P.S. Holly’s “voice” and some of her comebacks/comments reminded me of you. So glad you liked.
    All his novels are good (different than this one or Cloud Atlas).

    • You’re more efficient in dreamland yoga than I was ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m not quite done with Bone Blocks but I’m toward the end. They’re in Jacko’s labyrinth now ๐Ÿ™‚ We like a lot of the same books so I wasn’t surprised to enjoy it.

  3. I’ve had both kinds of yoga dreams, too!

    The yoga anxiety dreams, more around teaching – as in, I am teaching a room that is full of students, and more and more people keep coming in at different times, and they are all beginners and I have to start teaching them suryanamaskars and there is no room and it’s getting really loud. Or, my students start bringing in picnic blankets and couches and hanging out in the middle of the practice space, eating, playing music, answering phones or working on laptops. Aaaargh!

    With the easy yoga dreams, which are heavenly, I’ve found that my practice in dream state CAN be replicated when practicing soon afterwards in the waking state – that is, when I’ve gone to a particular dream posture that is a struggle in real life, I try to remember the dream practice the next morning, and sometimes find a taste of that same level of ease in the posture. Just visualization? I am not sure. It’s all just maya, right, even our waking state? Who’s to say the dream practice is not real?!

    • Interesting Michelle. I did remember something about narrowing my hand position during Dwe to support Chatuari better, but still not the same as the lightness and steadiness of the dream state (yet!) The dream practice felt real, so I guess that is why it is so memorable and hard to dismiss after waking. You know those? When you tell each other dreams and we all invariably say โ€œ but it felt so real!โ€. >

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