March Challenges

Journey to handstand: Pfft. Those of you journeying online, pay attention don’t get hurt.

March Cleanse: Been trying not to muck it up since December. I don’t own a bikini and if I did I would just put it on. Those of you that treat your body as the temple that it is, I respect your cleanse as theΒ  spring temple ritual that it is.

Meditation Challenge: I don’t think meditation is a tool to be used to challenge what is, but I am just soaking in all that is inside Gregor Maehle’s Yoga Meditation.

In other news, I cleaned out Eileen Fisher Green yesterday. 4 dresses(tunics I don’t really wear dresses) 2 pants, 2 sweaters, 1 top. $205, everything linen, silk or merino. Loved gently used clothing. 30% goes to GoGirl.

Bought a blooming jasmine plant and inhaling every time I pass it.

11 thoughts on “March Challenges

    • Every day is a good sitting day B. You’re just freaked out a bit about being happy about being scared! Nowadays all quests/adventures happen in some stupid video game. you get a real one. Being happy and scared is normal and one of the perks of being alive. Why else do you think the money makers are the scary rides at the amusement park? πŸ˜€

      • There is an EXCELLENT point my kind friend. Right now I think I’ll take short walk (therapy) to & from the trader joes wine shop (budget, liquid therapy). And then I will sit & take note of the hum of awareness & nervous energy.

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  1. Where did you get that awesome deal on all that Eileen Fisher? total score. And meditation challenge, haha, yes. Funny when you think about it. My lemon tree has been in bloom for a month. Heavenly. And I agree with Boodiba: very strange today.

    • Here in the tri state area there are stores called Eileen green or Eileen Lab where they accept your gently used EF clothing and re sell it and lots of us benefit from well to do shopaholics who want to make room for thenew stuff. They also sell samples and stuff that did not make it to production. I love how she runs her business. There is one in Irvington, one in Yonkers, and one in Woodbury Center. All citrus trees are gorgeous. Is yours from your CA life?

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