Neither Here Nor There

These are things occupying my mind today:

Daylight savings is an abomination and I will wait  to wake up until the sunlight and my body decide to agree that it is the correct time. I managed a Sunday 10:00 Am practice at the shala, but today and yesterday have been at home.

The United States Senate has 47 petulant racist assholes. (Maybe more but for other reasons other than constitutional ignorance and treason).

I have to make peace with knowing that  my side of the family will not leave Miami. Climate change will visit everyone eventually anyway. I will visit Key West for the first time next month, so I can have the memory.

Learning how to knit is a money sucker. Purl Soho has my entire March allowance.

If you don’t play  happy music when it’s sunny and warm, the snow might come back. I think birds know this.

Is it me or that KPJAYI list of certified and authorized is missing a bunch of people? What? We are all conditioned to look up rank.

The Apple watch is for Dicks.

Thanks to reading on screens, I retain very little of what is not written in story form. Retraining my eyes and brain to absorb text on paper.

Oh, and Frat Houses? That’s where nasty people go to meet each other, ugh.

6 thoughts on “Neither Here Nor There

  1. Yes
    I’m very sorry to hear that but I bet they have time to run out the clock
    PurlSoho is notoriously expensive! I’ve learned how to knit more economically but only after spending untold thousands
    I didn’t play happy music yesterday, is that why we are getting more snow this weekend?
    Rank and yoga don’t mix
    Been relearning this myself
    They make me ill.

  2. Laura! You have to play happy Flamenco, Salsa, Bollywood tunes, or 70’s soul, come on. Please pass on economical tips. Also, what is the minimal essential knitting needle arsenal? I only have a pair of very fat wooden needles I found dumped on the street in Hudson (part of an unopened knitting kit from Williams Sonoma “Agrarian” hahahaha) Mag took the wool and I took the needles.

  3. Salsa, yes! I forget to play music. It’s weird.

    As for knitting more economically, mostly you need to be wary of sexy chic shops like Purl Soho and luxury fibers unless you are making something special. Back when I was more flush I made a whole bunch of cashmere cowls as gifts and a few cashmere scarves for The Husband for his birthday but they were mad crazy expensive. Now I am finding some of the lower priced yarns like good ole Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride to be a joy to knit with and much less expensive. The sweater I just finished is made from Lett Lopi Icelandic yarn which is very reasonable! I won’t make a sweater if it’s going to cost $100 just for the dang yarn. I think this one cost less than $50. Nice. Also after awhile you build up ‘stash’ and I try to make things from that. But it is not a cheap pasttime unless you are ‘Scottish’ about it (read: thrifty. And I can say that because they’re my people). I have also been know to recycle yarn from old sweaters! But that’s a whole long blog post.

    As for needles, you build up project by project. Here’s a tip: you can knit everything on circular needles—flat things and things knit in the round—so only buy those and not straight ‘traditional’ needles. You can also knit a tube of any size if you own two of each—one in a short length like 16″ long, and one longer, more like 30″—but that’s for a more advanced technique. After all these years I have a full complement of needles, it’s just something you gather as you go. You may also want to stick with bamboo or wooden needles since the metal ones are slippery as hell and hard when you are still learning. They’re for turbo knitting. I’d say just buy the needle you need for your project (circular bamboo style or whatever you’re preference ends up being) and before you know it, you’ll have a collection.

    If you get the knitting bug it just grows. More expensive than yoga!

    • Not weird at all. I very very seldom play any music. When I do it is impulsive and it has a beginning and an end, like parties. I would not be able to fall asleep after listening to music for an entire day, which a lot of people I know do. So knitting is like gardening huh? A shala mate once said to me that she gardens instead of getting therapy though therapy would be way cheaper! Thanks for all the tips friend. And yes, even we Latinos know about those Scots! Coincidentally I shredded a lot of old T shirts into thin strips and am in the process of experimenting( while I wait for my “on Sale” wool) to see if I can make a sort of entry mud rug for the next winter salty boot nightmare. >

  4. My oldest took up knitting this year, she made me a pretty scarf so far, my hands won’t work that way anymore, enjoy the process of creation:)
    I’m suspect of all politicians, haha, and as far as the politics of authorization, yes, there are fabulous instructors both on and off the list. I would never take away from the prestige of getting that piece of paper, but I hate the high bar it sets of continuous treks to India of at least a months duration. Parampara comes from the source initially, but can’t a fabulous teacher have derived that wisdom here, from authorized teachers? Are they less valued because of it? I’m troubled by this sometimes. It’s good to have a safe travel list, I guess, but not everyone can leave like that. Devotion to practice, the wisdom of experience, and compassion don’t need a passport. Seventh series devotion is more important, at least in my book.

    • That’s my girl! I brought up the KPJAYI list only because a friend posted the list in his blog while light heartedly joking about the process. half of Hawaii was missing, no CT and some old timers, but I realize that it might just be in the process of being updated. I know it is hard work to obtain it, but I really look at the list the way I look at the 100 best places to visit before you die, or the 100 best dressed whatever. I am not that kind of devotee. You know that as an empty nester I have easy access to many authorized teachers in our area, but I believe in fate. I am grateful to have met my teacher, and I place the growth and the health of my practice in her experienced, compassionate and capable hands. Plus if I don’t breathe, nobody’s certificate can help my ass.

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