Anger Management

I am impressed if this is my first time practicing while still in the middle of a furious anger attack. It probably is just only the first time I am aware of it or remember it. Whatever. I found out that if surrender and angry do battle, angry plays dirty and wins. The reason is long and boring. Suffice it to say that my biggest anger trigger is being bullied or cheated. Throw in both plus shame for not rising above it and I will prove to you that all emotions live in your stomach. Even a 20 minute drive did not throw cold water on the blaze. I meant to dedicate my practice to a friend who is leaving on an authentic old fashioned real hero journey, but ended up offering a short pranayama instead because I knew that if I did not stop I would end up doing violence to myself the way I was pounding the vinyasa. Drinking coffee slowly while delaying the drive back.

5 thoughts on “Anger Management

    • DOn’t rush me B! I am dragging my feet towards forgiveness. The Teavana on E 9th has free wifi and they don’t rush you if you need window views to hang out at since you don’t have a modem anymore. Happy trails! xo >

  1. The tempest will pass!! You may still feel hurt but the intensity of emotions will subside…hopefully. I have practiced with anger before and while it is great fuel for keeping the momentum, it also made me realize how easily I could hurt myself. Playing with fire, in a sense. Feel better xoxox

    • Thanks D, the rage passed and as you say I was quite aware that the only one in danger of being hurt was me! I also felt like I was polluting the place bringing my stuff into the room you know? Anyway, families are our biggest lessons as everyone alive knows. Today was great though. Teacher came back from a workshop with Tim Feldamn and gave us all new strong Chaturnagas and shoulder health! 😀


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