Spring Arrived Today

How do I know? I spent the entire morning curled up in a dark closet floor trying to think straight during the strongest sinus pressure induced migrane I have ever experienced. I kept hoping I would stop returning the bites of apple I was trying to keep in my stomach so I could pop the 3 Advil pills I so desperately needed. I know I am not the toughest mother, but this one scared me. So grateful for the absence of pain and nausea right now, I could kiss anyone’s feet. Aftera tough   winter for asana, I was excited about practice this morning. It seems that I am in one of those golden periods where there are breakthroughs and progress very much thanks to teacher’s insights and tool sharing. Maybe I can still do something later this afternoon. In other news, Robert Moses from Namarupa has begun his Yatra correspondence with updates and info for travelers. At one point there will be 155 of us together.

4 thoughts on “Spring Arrived Today

    • Thanks amiga, it is going to have to wait. I was going to email a knitting question. Is it possible to calculate yarn for rectangles (scarfs and blankets) without a pattern?

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    • Oh boy, I hope it was an oddity otherwise everyone living near the LI sound will be whimpering this spring. Feeling much better this morning than you. I hope you are too.

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