Mild anxiety attacks starting while transitioning from  the second side of Virabhadarasana A to B, and full on during the whole B? Anybody? teachers, students, fellow sufferers, please feel free to chip in. It has never been a favorite pose but I can usually handle it alternating the mantras of this too shall pass and nothing lasts forever.

Also, Prasarita C: I can touch the floor with my head in A and D with straight legs. B and C not so much so I bend my legs per the advise of a senior teacher over at AYC. Yesterday I received a gentle adjustment in C encouraging me to straighten my knee and I felt a tweak but not an ouch. today practice ruined bending my knee for no problem  ever Ardha Baddha P. From then on I could not find a comfortable place to put it. not bent not straight  only when I rolled my sweatshirt under the knee to support it did I feel relief (Savasana at that point) Any TLC recommendations to make it happy again? Oh and no more bent knee in the prasaritas who GAF if my head does not touch the floor.

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  1. Gosh, bummer, Maria. Prasarita C is a different animal than the other three, I have found. I don’t know if I am alone in this, but, it just feels energetically different than A, B and D. I will share a TMI kind of thing that happened to me only in C for many years: I always felt the need to pass gas when I got all the way down in it – yet never had this same feeling when down in the other three. So, I found I needed to squeeze mula bandha a bit more at the rear/ashvini in C. Or, perhaps, mula bandha might not be as easily held in C? Which may or may not have had some effect on your hamstring when you straightened your leg, Maria. Put some Trammel on it and get some bodywork/abhyanga!

    I have generally found that most of my practice “tweaks” arose from not breathing and/or not using bandhas, i.e. letting them go “poof.” While this does not help you in retrospect, I know, going forward, as you are healing this, make sure that you really work the bandhas in all the postures, sitting up tall and lifting from the sitting bones through your core in the seated – esp. before your lotus postures or anything that will tweak your knee. And of course, the mighty breath overall. And be patient. TTSP. 😦

      • Thanks Michelle. the prasaritas are definitely about bandhas and locating the place where the hips bend NOT the waist. I hope one day to loosen my neck so it actually hangs loosely. So weird this knee thing. I sat in lotus for a 30 minutes before practice without discomfort. I will follow your advice, Laura’s and Paula’s. xoxo

  2. As for panic attack in Vira A&B – never have had this experience. You are opening your arms upwards – that release in the front, well, it may have had something to do with it. Stored old stuff you don’t need any longer. The KonMari method! Letting go of anything that doesn’t bring us joy is a good thing, methinks. 😉

    • I remember Kino saying something about “stored stuff” to me during a 5 day “Christmas in Miami” workshop. She called them patterns and she said they would require patience…

  3. I used to get panic all the time in warrior sequence. It’s so fiery and intense, I would try too hard to inhale I think without releasing all the spent air in my exhale. Everything said by Michele about c is so true:) I’ve even done a summersault in it once. Just glad I didn’t land in anyone! Ice alternating with heat and castor oil on the knee xo

    • The Vira anxiety is very common. I’ve seen it in a lot of people. I don’t get but I do notice my heart starts to pound in those postures, no matter how long I’ve done them. When I used to teach more in a led situation I often said, “You might notice your heartbeat speeding up now … This is okay … Breathe through it.” I believe it has to do with having your arms over your head and your chest lifted. Anyway, the only think I know to recommend is dive with your whole body into that breath. XO

      • Yes, K. My teacher tries to remind me to lower my arms a bit closer to eye level so my head is not bending back so much. Proportions must play a role there too. Miss Ya XO

    • Castor oil mess tomorrow for sure P! thanks. Today V is literally holding my my arms in B and I am shaking like I am on doing a pull up! I will try to not hold the inhale if that is what is going on, but I thing I was snorting like a horse after a gallop.

      • My hands still tremble in B, and I too keep my arms slightly in front of me in A because of my tight shoulders. I feel bad for laughing at your description, but yet I’ve been there, many a time, and I know how terrible it feels, I’m sorry. The best advice I ever got was to forget about inhaling and just exhale as deeply as I could because the inhale was going to happen anyway…my vata overload. I’ve always been grateful to switch down to the ground afterwards. Air travel increases your vata which can cause imbalances lasting up to a week by the way.

  4. Wisdom has already spoken so from a fellow sufferer, I can just say ‘ouch!’ And interestingly enough, as soon as I fully committed to GAFF (I like the additional ‘flying’ added to this awesome acronym!) vis a vis my head on the floor in the prasaritas it has been inching ever more closely there. But mostly because I’m getting a PhD in my hamstrings — on how to not chronically inflame them which means I need to lengthen my stubby little torso rather than further stretching the legs. Also means releasing the calves and feet but since I’m still working on my hamstring dissertation I’ll leave it at that.

    I say commit your whole self to GAFF and see what happens. And protect your knees over getting your body into a pose always.

  5. My torso is twice the size of my legs! WTF?? And the calfs? I pedicurist once tried to massage them and I let out a yelp that sounded like she had branded me with something hot. My calfs don’t understand English yet but I will translate if you tell me what instructions to send to them.

  6. i had that knee thing lately and traced it to tightness in hip originating from back. So maybe not using bandhas in c caused back strain? worth attention /consideration anyway.

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