Mind Blown

I found this on the annoying side bar of Facebook, then went ahead and watched it and when I went back to Facebook to see who shared/referenced or posted, I could not find it. So out of memory I will say Angela Jamison said something about it and when she says something I always click and  listen. This is epic. Way above my yoga education level, but obviously youtube is fixing that. “Not even your imagination can override you” . Time to read the Gita again.

2 thoughts on “Mind Blown

  1. Been reading the Gita again lately (the Mitchell translation) so this very much resonated. (Reminded me that we never did get our book club going online, Maria! Weren’t we thinking of doing the Gita with L and K??) If I can make a suggestion, if you haven’t read it already, Ramesh Menon’s version of the Mahabharata is excellent – it gives full context to the story of the Gita; I really appreciated knowing the “story behind the story”, as it were. Tim Miller said to me in recommending it, “It’s like an ancient Game of Thrones; just as long, and just as full of sex, intrigue and battle.” Definitely worth the time – and a good contextual prequel to our October trip! 🙂

    • I own a VCR tape of the Peter Brooks adaptation of the Mahabharata ( 9 hours) which I can no longer play. I got it way before I knew anything about yoga. I have been meaning to look for something in print since Professor Rao gave the most captivating lecture on the Mahabharata and its themes at Val’s last fall. She recorded the talks and they are amazing. Thanks for giving me a recommendation. I am the only being walking around who is afraid of starting Game of Thrones??? I was telling both L and K that this clip has motivated me to tackle Roberto Calasso’s Ardor even though I had to read Ka twice to wrap my head around the themes and keep track of everyone. >

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