Mysore Room Bonanza

There are now four places (that I know of) in CT where you can attend Mysore practice using the Ashtanga yoga method as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. I write this as I did an abbreviated practice in my own room since the evidence of my kapha dosha is running like a faucet thanks to April and I’d rather it be my floor than V’s or a mate’s mat during a movement. So anyway, for many years it was just my teacher’s Mysore room, first in her own home and then in a rented studio space, in all of CT. Then came Jois Yoga in Greenwich. Then they left, and Authorized Level 2 Megan Riley founded Ashtanga Yoga CT in Greenwich. Now recently Authorized Level 2 teacher and Co-owner of Kaia Yoga, Stan Woodman is opening Mysore rooms in two of his three studio locations. A morning program in Greenwich and an afternoon program in Darien. So now CT gets to choose where and who to practice with. As you all know I am a person who enjoys yoga travel and yoga tourism. However, I follow good advice and have settled on a teacher who patiently has learned my body’s capabilities and my mind’s anxieties. Will other teachers have the same gifts or even better ones? No doubt, and I suggest you visit, evaluate and then decide. My suggestion is not only for the health of your practice but also for the health of  the studios that are investing and starting Mysore programs. These programs thrive and become stable when they become a community of regulars. Am I saying that you cannot visit? I absolutely plan to visit. My dear pal N teaches at Ashtanga yoga CT and my other dear pal P teaches at Kaia Darien,  and I want to stop by and support them. But I do see Eddie Stern’s point when he discourages jumping around shalas all over NYC and accepts guests and visitors from farther distances than across town or uptown. It is a grace note as well as a good business practice. SO here is to wishing that Mysore practice in CT thrives, and that everybody’s room is full of students who will honor their teachers who rise to do their own practice while we are still negotiating with our pillows.

4 thoughts on “Mysore Room Bonanza

  1. Definitely agree that staying with one teacher is the away to go. I Shala hopped for a few years, mainly thanks to the vagaries of our appalling public transport, but ironically I eventually settled on the Shala that was easiest to get to, not just for convenience, but also because I realised that I had found “my teacher”.

    • Yes Kevin, practicality and convenience play a big role if you plan to both practice and keep your sanity. I hesitated to dwell on the “teacher finding” magic that occurs when yoga finds you (it is never you finding yoga, but that’s another post). The first time I met my teacher I had to refrain from blurting “Hey!! it’s me, remember me?!” because well, crazy.

      • Took me a while to realise that L was the one. But I couldn’t have had anyone better over the last 3 years with all the health issues, encouraging me to do what I can and instinctively knowing how to best help me.

      • Oh sure. It can take a second or days and months to meet the one. The important part is that you are looking to complete the search and have the intention to find a home for your practice. I could not imagine having to explain the challenges you have had recently at a different place over and over. You know what they say about “when the student is ready the teacher appears” or something to that effect. >

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