The older you get the more you realize that honesty and sincerity are essential to mental health and clarity. If you see my Facebook page, you will notice that I am overly fascinated/obsessed/perturbed  by the Rachel Dolezal story. Not to mention how surprised I am by the turns that the comments and opinions take on the matter. For instance, I can tell who does and does not interact with black women friends on social media who are weighing in on the matter. It is like two different planets out there.  But back to Satya-truthfulness. If we want business practices and work in general to change, we have to start challenging the way communication takes place in that arena.

I subscribe to Danielle La Porte’s newsletter/blog thing. If you don’t know her, look her up and you will either love her or want to choke her with your bare hands. She sent a piece this morning entitled: The Risky Business Of Being Sincere in Business which I cannot share because her link is broken. Minus the very engaging personal examples she shares, here is the gist:

Nothing is more Biz Legit than the truth, so usually go with that,

.Sincerity is a form of power.

If we were all more human in our work communications, work would be more humane.

To bring it a little more toward the “yoga biz”, a teacher’s bio has red flags when I read that they “have studied with many masters” and “have travelled all over India” and are “inspired” (not took workshops or learned from)  by well known established western teachers. Just tell me who taught you and why you think you can teach.

2 thoughts on “Satya

  1. You know it’s funny, but when I had my first & only Command Central experience, I blogged several times that they family ought to have people help them, so that it wouldn’t be a herd of people getting 0 attention for their $700. I knew they’d have a ton of experienced and probably better assisters than themselves who’d happily do it for free, for the prestige. I’m not sure when they “took my advice” and started doing it, but sure enough they did. Back in those days when I’d read a youngish teacher had “studied” with Jois and company I’d think, “Oh they paid their money, showed up & got a couple back bending assists at the end & maybe yelled at once or twice?” Cause the only ones who were actually taught in the sense that we understand it here were the ones who got there when the shala was small and the business was just starting out…

    We are equally fascinated by this Rachel character for different reasons! The age of internet screening filters has really changed the working world. The most amazing thing is that this woman could lie so hard & get away with it so long and I can’t even get someone to let me design for money when I actually know how to do it!

    • I know this is not everyone’s opinion, but I do place value in someone asking Sharath or the person in charge of any other command central if they feel she/he is ready to teach and getting an answer.

      what haunts me about the Rachel story is that when I have lied and boy have I lied, the feeling of unworthiness, shame/guilt, fear of being caught, made my attempt to get what I was after totally unenjoyable, unpeaceful, and unfulfilling. Nobody in her story, or mine, or yours, is lying to save/protect themselves or another human being from violence, death or irreversible danger.

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