Cultural Appropriation

Sweet baby Jesus, there is currently a shit storm brewing on Facebook that was conjured during the comments on Matthew Remski’s post on his retelling of the interview that Kino gave him after he highlighted her injury report on her FB page. Shit storm is no longer about Kino and her hip, no Sir. Actually hard to tell what it is about right around now. And you know I do not have the credentials, the academic skills, or the discipline to follow what is really going on. All I know is that right around now talk about  White privilege, colonization, feminism, racism, and cultural appropriation is hopping. And not just among yogis who know a thing or two about throwing shade. Salon, Slate, TheAtlantic and NYmag all have pieces on these topics this week.

This is not even what I wanted to blog about today. I wanted to recommend. Ta-Nehishi Coates’ book; The World And Me.  I am being educated and made aware of things a 57 year old white latin woman had no idea about, through a very fine piece of literature.

6 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation

    • Oh thanks Michelle! Going to listen right now. He has such a powerful writing style. Reminds me of Junot Diaz but also completely different. About the yogadrama, it sure took a turn I did not expect. I still cannot figure out what it is that Leslie said to begin with, but I sure do not like his dismissive crankyI am the dad sarcasm ( I do confess to giggling at times). I will say this though: If the original post topic is tabloidy or provocative to begin with, it will descend to button pushing sooner or later. >

  1. Curiosity kill me..just read through the whole mess, and left them with this quote from Karl Popper,”What we should do, I suggest, is to give up the idea of ultimate sources of knowledge, and admit that all knowledge is human; that it is mixed with our errors, our prejudices, our dreams, and our hopes; that all we can do is to grope for truth even though it be beyond our reach. We may admit that our groping is often inspired, but we must be on our guard against the belief, however deeply felt, that our inspiration carries any authority, divine or otherwise. If we thus admit that there is no authority beyond the reach of criticism to be found within the whole province of our knowledge, however far it may have penetrated into the unknown, then we can retain, without danger, the idea that truth is beyond human authority. And we must retain it. For without this idea there can be no objective standards of inquiry; no criticism of our conjectures; no groping for the unknown; no quest for knowledge.”

    • Now that is a comment worth leaving. There are parts of the mess I could not even find, so therefore cannot piece everything together to follow properly. Should I send Dramamine instead of provoking curiosity? I”m kind of ticked that the 3 guys got to swing but the girl got blocked! >

      • Ha..yes, well, women are supposed to stay above the fodder I guess;) sigh…it’s not all men, but still….I got in a disagreement with Mr K myself once, if memory serves he referred to me as an idiot!

      • I hate that cranky grandpa schtick. Tomorrow is a moonday, it can be the only explanation for that thread. My only comment on it was “Reddit is jealous of this one” Enjoy your rest day xoxo >

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