The Beholder

I belong to a FB group called Ashtanga Home Practitioners and I have no idea why since I need a minder-space holder-babysitter-cheerleader-foster parent  to just  stand there while I  give it my best shot (because accountability) most mornings. Yesterday I read a comment where the person shares the boredom they feel when the reach the Janu Sirsasanas. And I am like YAY! I made it to the Janus, where I can fold, touch with my head, clasp my hands on one side and my wrist on the other and look like everyone else for once! Before the Mari struggles, hahahahaha. Moving right along, I have discovered (maybe re-discovered what is obvious to many) that stress can trigger a hot flash that can masquerade as a heart attack. It is hot and humid around here already and teacher saw me really overheating  last week and suggested I do some sitali pranayama and then resume where I left off. This worked until today when I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat. What a coincidence that yesterday I decided that I will go to Miami to spend the week and see how to find consensus with the rest of my family on how to take care of my mom who fractured a vertebrae while sitting (yes) on firm couch.

7 thoughts on “The Beholder

    • Well it makes me feel competent!! Hahahaha. I will say though that I do see people(mostly guys) who have tremendous difficulty releasing the knee to the floor. I guess it’s a hip flexibility thing. I have very short legs and manage to give my liver or what ever it is that my heel hits in Janu C, a real trigger point pressure application that feels useful. >

      • Ya, unless you really need to work on the hip flexibility there doesn’t need to be two. You know they used to do three or four Paschimo versions as a matter of course. I thought about that the other day…

      • No I did not know that. Another reason to love the Janus: My tummy has a place to go so I can really do a forward fold. I dream of disappearing my tummy so I can really use the space it takes to fold forward like a switchblade. This might sound a bit disturbing but Janu B really makes me mindful of engaging my Mulabandha and I play a game of just barely sitting in my heel. >

      • I was trying to remember all the Paschimos, the way I learned it, old school, Manju left AYNY style. I think it was: 1) big toe grip (as they still do it at Command Central today if I’m not mistaken; 2) hands over tops of toes, pulling ball of foot back; 3) hands along outer edges of feet, pulling those back; 4) wrist bind, as per modern times.

        And yes you’re supposed to think of the mulabandha there, and theoretically everywhere else…. But whatever works! I’d just do 2nd series instead, once in awhile, but I cannot any longer. I’m not flexible enough anymore, although still more flexible than the average person for sure.

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