Body Parts

During the first 3 years of my Ashtanga practice I suffered from constant daily wrist pain. opening doors or squeezing toothpaste was difficult. Then one day it went away for good. Until yesterday. Left hand, pinkie side, pain radiates on the outside part of the hand from the bony round part of the wrist all the up the pinkie finger. It was either a lift during a back bend, or too much fun with the new and improved Mr. Clean Magic sponge for soap scum. Today I could not tolerate any weight on it, and I am typing with one hand. Any advice on treatments in addition to rest and patience are welcome.

9 thoughts on “Body Parts

  1. I hope it was the magic eraser! I refinished two table tops about a month ago and tweaked my right elbow from all the sanding…a few days off, trigger work and castor oil saved the day! Feel better:)

    • Come to think of it, I scrub with my right hand! Who knows what I did. I’m wearing an old dock with a huge hole on the heel as a sort of glove soaked in castor oil. But I still think “elbow grease” is a hazard!

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      • You could have been bearing down with the left while seeing the wonders on your right hands, handy work;) who knows, but it may not be practice, I now claim the title of delicate flower in doing all my chores! Lol

    • Uh-oh. This might be the case. I have always had a shall we call it tender inner elbow AND the one and only time a went to a chiropractor he told me to expect future problems with my very tight neck. Ugh. Thanks Y. I will investigate further. Hope you’re doing well!

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