Imported Mysore Magic

It might be a combination of all these things below,  or my powers of auto suggestion which others may refer to as flaky, or just plain coincidence and random generosity from un embodied energies. I had a soulful satisfying practice that has provided dopamine and serotonin to share.

Who knows, maybe teacher brought some shakti and other good juju from Command Central inside her presence, and I am not the only one risking being considered “impressionable” in less polite terms.

I do know that it was 90 degrees outside when I showed up and you know the people who were finishing warmed it even more for us. Sweat was leaving my body in quantities never before noticed.  I don’t enjoy a rug but I kept wishing for a rug, because there was no need to be squirting and spraying water all over everything for seated poses.

Slippery arms help all sorts of binds.

Enjoyed a slow count. That sounds almost offensive to me ears if I say it aloud.

The first no drama headstand away from the wall. I don’t expect a repeat but I enjoyed it.

I’m glad teacher expects a repeat because one of her biggest take aways from her August at KPJAYI was that transformation keeps happening, no matter how long or how recent your time practicing has been.  The secret ingredient seems to be when the teacher and the student both believe in miracles when coming to the mat. Then you can begin to identify and recognize the miracles outside the mat.

I notice that whenever I sound corny it’s because I’m happy. Incredible, we have been conditioned to be embarrassed about sounding happy.

6 thoughts on “Imported Mysore Magic

  1. I’ve noticed that too — that I dismiss my happiness as ‘corny’ etc. Congrats on that headstand, whether it be a one off or the start of something consistent! xoxo

  2. I think there is something to your idea about showing up believing. I’ve been in an unbelieving funk and feel it each time I step on that damn piece of rubber. But you know, I KNOW there is still magic to be had. Marching on. XO miss you!

    • Ah, knowing the tiny bit I know about you, it might be that you are running on fumes girl. Dial it down to an enjoyable second nature primary or a combo that makes you feel competent and not put upon. Sometimes the mind needs the body to rest so it can regain it’s sense of play. But then again I’m not known for teetering at the edge of anything, hahaha. Sending hugs and what I think is Belated Birthday love?

  3. Yes, I think you are right. I’ve been at home this week practicing a bizarre hybrid of poses from three series and I’m feeling much better already. Alone time on my porch – while the weather holds. Yes, my bday was during the holiday weekend and thank you. Hugs to you! PS Are you going to have a phone and posting capability on your journey? I will be dying to hear what you think / see what you see. XO

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