Ave Maria

Is what we say in Medellin when we are exasperated, fed up, or at our wits end. I panic a little when sleep does not come. I do not mean when I wake up in the middle of 3:11 AM (that is now, sadly normal) and  I toss and turn for awhile. I am talking about getting into bed at 10 PM setting the alarm for 6 AM and meeting 4 AM still wide awake. I fortunately can reschedule my day accordingly because I shudder when I think about what a full day of  teaching would be with two hours of sleep, but the disruption still remains in the form of missed connection. You all know that I dislike practicing alone, but more than that I dislike the energy drain that not moving your body early creates. I don’t even mean like 7 AM done before 9 AM either. I love a 10 AM starting time just as much. The problem is that for two nights in a row I fall asleep around 5AM and open my eyes around ten and needing 2 cups of coffee at least in order to start anything, not to mention practice. I started taking melatonin in preparation for the time changes for my trip next month. Maybe that is screwing with me? Also, if anyone has advice on unlocking (although I’m told they come already unlocked) an iphone 5 for use in India, I’d appreciate it. I’m calling this a moon day.

P.S. I Enjoyed Natalie Goldberg’s  The Goddess Pose. Indra Devi sure got around. You have front row to key moments in 20th century world history by just following her around.

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