You May Never Come Back To Read Here

This is the most un yogic, unkind, un pretty, but still pretty fearless thought I have had since practicing made me less of a problem child in a body of a grown woman. I’m hoping that blurting it out will get it out of my system:

To all those mostly men who voted to shut down Planned Parenthood: This is what I wish for you- One day science will make it possible to  surgically implant some sort of uterus device into a man where a fertilized egg can be placed to thrive. Against their will of course,so they get a feel for what is being asked for when rape results in pregnancy. After nine months of nurturing the sanctity of life, a C section can be performed ( not fun as a remember, but survivable ). Watch them scream take “it”out! when the contractions barely begin,( or whatever alert their body ends up giving for ready to roll). I bet they would all claim it is a cancerous growth that needs to be removed because it is life threatening.

Some days chitta vritti nirodha does not happen, but that is no reason to not try again tomorrow. My bad not the yoga method.

8 thoughts on “You May Never Come Back To Read Here

  1. If science is that good in the future, perhaps a better choice would be if were implanted with some kind of device that gave them intelligence and empathy.

    I watched the Mad Max, Fury Road movie the other night, curious to see it because some “men’s rights” groups wanted to boycott it as being too “Feminist.” “Good,” I said, “let’s see some sickos get their ass kicked by Charlize and Co.”

    After watching the film, I guessed you’d agree with this boycott if you felt serial rapists who keep sex slaves needed defending. That there are men on this earth that are so ignorant and hateful of women that they think a movie about a group of sex slaves who empower themselves to try to escape the brutal men who rape and impregnate them is a film of “feminist propaganda,” well, I guess I am not surprised that we actually have elected officials in our sorry country who purposefully choose to increase women’s suffering and disempowerment by taking away their access to healthcare. And who also choose to defund food and healthcare programs for poor children, too. Hypocrites. It’s fucking depressing. I just thought of another scientific procedure that could be used to prove to these men how wrong they are…but it’s not ahimsa, so I won’t mention it.

    • Ha! I should have clarified Lab science/biology since it seems most experiments are geared to what can grow on a petri dish no matter how weird. Intelligence and empathy are not implant friendly I guess, lol. Funny you mention Fury Road. It took me forever to watch it because all the other Mad Max movies really affected me and gave me a very apprehensive view of the future. Sometimes a film will show that it is only the euphemisms for patriarchy and it’s violence, that are the only thing that separate it from reality. I spent the day in the company of a persistent migrane that was really showing off while I wrote this post. Did not help that one of my nephews thought it was cute to write “feminism equals consumerism”- anonymous on his Facebook wall. I’m probably blocked after commenting. >

  2. it’s posts like this that keep me coming back 😉 I have a special loathing for the women who want to shut it down primarily those who are über privileged like Carly Fiorina and Phyllis Schlafly — they make my head spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist

    • That woman Phyllis is going to reincarnate and it is not going to be good. Carly does not have any skin left for another one of those face scraping peels or whatever they are. Gloria said it best: the worts thing Trump has done is to make her look good. ugh
      Will I see you in Maine this weekend??

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