Wrong Preparations

I wasted my time preparing for Delhi belly, how to avoid stepping on shit, wondering if I’d remember how to cross a street were traffic doesn’t stop, and other sorts of nonsense that I came totally unprepared for the strong emotions that being on Yatra would bring. I dissolved into glad tears with no origin I can place several times yesterday. I was also unprepared for the kindness and generosity of the people of this land. I don’t want it to sound like mumbo jumbo, but I do feel familiarity with this landscape and i’ts environment. Not in the I’ve lived here before sense, but in the sense that this was the landscape of my childhood when we would travel to the country side, but not just. I still got it when it comes to crossing  the street with ongoing non stop traffic.     Oh, group practice? Lousy yesterday because like a fool I turned on the AC so high I woke up with a sore throught. This morning I woke up reluctantly for a 5 AM practice before we leave on a 7 hour bus trip, when I thought, wait a minute! I already practiced 6 days this week. So here I am maybe writing my last post before no wifi. 

P.S. The current in the Ganges is strong, the water freezing icy cold, and I will be doing it again my friend Marco and his partner up river.

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