Yatra 2015 Recap/Observations

First, this is the best money I ever spent. I am glad that I was able to afford it, I would not call it a vacation even though I enjoyed it tremendously and I made some purchases. I feel like this was actually kind of one of the highlights in my life so far. Nowhere does it say that learning and growing cannot happen between moments of austerity and levity, both permeated with corny dopey joy.

It was beyond wonderful to have this experience. India is a mother that hugs you so hard that you feel both the love and the tightness of the squeeze which makes it hard sometimes, but love is love. This land and it’s people felt like realizing you had long last relative you did not know you had. Robert Moses, Radha Kunda Das, and their crew are  among some of the most selfless enjoyable and stable people that I have ever met. I found so much back story and context for what I have been trying to do through practicing Ashtanga. And I found it here, through Robert, Sharath, Eddie, and the people and places they introduced us to. I found great peace being in Sharath’s and Saraswati’s presence. I don’t  just mean at practice or during conference. I know how it sounds but there you have it. 

I will say though that a Yatra or any other endeavor with 155 people is rather nutty. The logistics of feeding, guiding, transporting, and housing a group this size is unecessarily insane. I criticize with admiration, since they pulled it of with only one un preventable accident with a good ending.

I came to realize that even though yoga is a healing modality it is not a vaccine for bad behavior. I will repeat that I met the most joyful, loving, and equanimous people in this huge group. I also met a couple of the most careless conflict loving, racist and bigoted assholes ever, and I’ve been around. The mean and angry one knew every single chant by heart, and the racist bigot carried the Gita. Go figure. This unfortunately is the last sentence on this blog. Thank you so much for reading.

7 thoughts on “Yatra 2015 Recap/Observations

    • Could you please stop getting inside my head??? How come you sniffed that I was playing around with WordPress yesterday?Just out of pride I’d like to keep my “vow of silence” for at least 30 days lol.

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  1. Hi Maria-
    Although we don’t know each other I would like you to know how much I enjoyed your writing. I miss it and hope you come back soon. I check back regularly hoping I might find something…
    All the best.

    • Why thank you so much. I miss ranting a bit myself. Trying to figure out how to implement some advice I received about keeping my yoga practice out of it, while knowing that yoga kind of affects pretty much everything else that I end up hollering about.

      • Well, this is just one reporter’s opinion – I like when you keep your yoga practice in it! However, either way – I will read. 🙂

        It’s unfortunate whatever happened to make you have this pause; I appreciated your authentic voice.

      • Yeah.. I’d better clarify that it was not the drama that made me stop writing. It was recommendations from yoga and vedanta lectures about sadhana. Better address that at some point. I saw your email and if you ever run across my “adopted” son Clint Shaner, tell him that his CT mom says hello and he needs to come and visit. >

  2. Ohhh – got it. Well then, to heck with sadhana! (just kidding – kinda…)

    Too funny – I don’t know Clint, however I’m friends with his VP – Heather. So, I can always address it top down! 🙂

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