Ave Maria

Is what we say in Medellin when we are exasperated, fed up, or at our wits end. I panic a little when sleep does not come. I do not mean when I wake up in the middle of 3:11 AM (that is now, sadly normal) and  I toss and turn for awhile. I am talking about getting into bed at 10 PM setting the alarm for 6 AM and meeting 4 AM still wide awake. I fortunately can reschedule my day accordingly because I shudder when I think about what a full day of  teaching would be with two hours of sleep, but the disruption still remains in the form of missed connection. You all know that I dislike practicing alone, but more than that I dislike the energy drain that not moving your body early creates. I don’t even mean like 7 AM done before 9 AM either. I love a 10 AM starting time just as much. The problem is that for two nights in a row I fall asleep around 5AM and open my eyes around ten and needing 2 cups of coffee at least in order to start anything, not to mention practice. I started taking melatonin in preparation for the time changes for my trip next month. Maybe that is screwing with me? Also, if anyone has advice on unlocking (although I’m told they come already unlocked) an iphone 5 for use in India, I’d appreciate it. I’m calling this a moon day.

P.S. I Enjoyed Natalie Goldberg’s  The Goddess Pose. Indra Devi sure got around. You have front row to key moments in 20th century world history by just following her around.

Cultural Appropriation

Sweet baby Jesus, there is currently a shit storm brewing on Facebook that was conjured during the comments on Matthew Remski’s post on his retelling of the interview that Kino gave him after he highlighted her injury report on her FB page. Shit storm is no longer about Kino and her hip, no Sir. Actually hard to tell what it is about right around now. And you know I do not have the credentials, the academic skills, or the discipline to follow what is really going on. All I know is that right around now talk about  White privilege, colonization, feminism, racism, and cultural appropriation is hopping. And not just among yogis who know a thing or two about throwing shade. Salon, Slate, TheAtlantic and NYmag all have pieces on these topics this week.

This is not even what I wanted to blog about today. I wanted to recommend. Ta-Nehishi Coates’ book; The World And Me.  I am being educated and made aware of things a 57 year old white latin woman had no idea about, through a very fine piece of literature.

Neither Here Nor There

These are things occupying my mind today:

Daylight savings is an abomination and I will wait  to wake up until the sunlight and my body decide to agree that it is the correct time. I managed a Sunday 10:00 Am practice at the shala, but today and yesterday have been at home.

The United States Senate has 47 petulant racist assholes. (Maybe more but for other reasons other than constitutional ignorance and treason).

I have to make peace with knowing that  my side of the family will not leave Miami. Climate change will visit everyone eventually anyway. I will visit Key West for the first time next month, so I can have the memory.

Learning how to knit is a money sucker. Purl Soho has my entire March allowance.

If you don’t play  happy music when it’s sunny and warm, the snow might come back. I think birds know this.

Is it me or that KPJAYI list of certified and authorized is missing a bunch of people? What? We are all conditioned to look up rank.

The Apple watch is for Dicks.

Thanks to reading on screens, I retain very little of what is not written in story form. Retraining my eyes and brain to absorb text on paper.

Oh, and Frat Houses? That’s where nasty people go to meet each other, ugh.

Trail Maintenance

I could have used path maintenance or route or road, but I like a nice hike on a well marked trail. They don’t stay like that if someone does not cut back overgrown brush and repaints the signs, and removes fallen logs and rolling rocks. I feel like that is what Gregor Maehle has done for me in the interview he gave for Claudia Azula Altucher’s podcast. I know that this is probably the 4th time that I have mentioned it in social media, but we really do re-hatch and re- visit the same same over and over when we blog about what some call “our yoga journey”. So when new knowledge or perspective comes along it is at least for me, kind of very exciting. They way I write will not do justice to all the themes that are covered in the podcast. But suffice it to say that if you got stuck in the obsessive maintenance and smooth running of your vehicle ( which is a skill and work ethic I both admire and envy) but you forget where it is you heading with it, his is a very generous and valuable reminder of where the markers are in case you misplaced the map or are have been winging it (which is just another way of arriving really). I listened to the podcast without having read Gregor’s book on meditation. It is on order and this one is not going into the kindle.


…The final frontier. Hahahaha old dork, sorry. I have ended up commenting on more than one site singing the praises of the Kon Mari method. Sometime in December almost every friend in my circle (local & cyber) simultaneously decided to check out this book:


After finishing it round the first week of January, I still had not developed the nerve to do things exactly as she wanted me to, until now. I had to buy a new tank of gas just from making trips to the goodwill and to the dump. Mostly to the dump. I also realized that I had been used in the past as a dumping ground for well meaning friends and family, who once heard me say I loved pitchers, owls, images of Buddha Shakyamuni, or know that I practice yoga give me everything they find with with the OM symbol. Some of the stuff was in the category of “this is sterling silver/Limoges/100+ years old whatever, and I don’t want it! So I need you to keep it so I can feel okay about it” Let’s be mindful of what we give each other, lest it becomes a well intentioned burden! This book is longer than it needs to be, but you know what? As I was reading it I finally understood why the inhalation and exhalation/ creating sound obsession when doing asana. We are making room for the shape to take form!  If you practice in front of a teacher, they are holding space so you can in turn, create space within yourself to create the movement. Oh, and I wont lie, Marie is okay with taking to inanimate objects and she actually encourages it. I have been mortified since childhood thinking that I was being creepy.

Uncovering Externalism

“I was, in short, what I’d call an externalist — a person who’ll exercise great care over what he puts into his body and never think about what he puts into his mind. Who will dwell at length on everything he can see, in order to distract himself from the fact that it’s everything he can’t see on which his well-being depends. Who will fill his head with so much junk that he can’t remember that wolfing down Buffalo wings is not the problem, but a symptom.”

Pico Iyer

I lifted this from the Sunday Review in the NYT . worth the entire read for those of us who judge the quality of our day entirely on the quality of the care we give our physical form.  I think he is plugging his book but whatever. I’ll take a look.

I also caught Yoko’s full page add reprinting an entry from July 2014 entitled Uncover -from her imaginepeace.com/archives/20557 site. It very gently examines the conceits of considering ourselves ones who discover vs. being ones who simply uncover what has always been there.

Just wanted to share that both pieces will influence the way in which I approach my practice after this moon day.

Also, I understand that the series called Black Mirror is ground breaking like the critics like to say. I however will say that I was able to watch only the first episode and do not know what to do with myself right now. I will never look at at youtube, twitter or social media in general in the same way as I did  before yesterday. I have left a comment/warning about the possible intensity of your reaction to this series in all  social media I partake off except instagram. Not sure why, since my husband warned me that I might be overwhelmed by it and I did not listen to him.

Doing Things Twice

Did you know that if you had metal fillings while young, cavities can still form underneath them??? I found out that  since my last dental exam I was now the owner of six cavities so deep that I spent five hours on the dentist chair. It could have been less hours but they did not have any more appointments until after December and that would mean leaving insurance money on the table. So now I have been drilled on twice in the same place, and I have no compulsion in saying that I am not interested in being still alive for the third time.

When I first became interested in yoga, I did not read the Sutras, The Gita, or The Yoga Pradipika. I read these

contentth-1thAnd now I have to read them again before I visit India, because I read them too early into my practice and retained very little.












Also about doing things twice, I wish we as a nation would not have to suffer the embarrassment twice, of seeing proof that we acted like the Germans, who would not believe what the Nazis had done. The Nazis also believed they were the good guys, Dick.

How I can Tell

photoI know spring is around the corner when  my amazon orders start looking crazy. I  started to notice that my spending goes absolutely berzerk when something in my brain receives the message that winter is over and starts buying crap we don’t need. Before amazon. I would buy make up I don’t use, tv commercial gadgets that you know are too good to be true, and clothes that are out of your comfort range.  Some of them are not mistakes. I still have  and wear my magenta Converse All  Stars from 1983 and still keep a collection of garish big and loud Laura Ashley print dresses that should really be  accent pillows, not dresses, but most of the stuff is definitely what some other folks have described as shopping while on ambien. This year’s haul? a collection (bought separately) of perfume oils (attars) one worse smelling than the other, but I wanted a winner so I kept ordering. Nope. There are no winner fragrances for under $20. the bottles sure are awesomely “unique”. I also am the owner of an overpriced harem “jumper” but that one I am wearing every other day and enjoying every disapproving look it garners, but the main complaint here is the tendency to overspend. Always catches me by surprise. I don’t have much yoga news except for the fact that pranayama and breathing in general makes you emotional  and thankful after being unable to utilize your nostrils because of the flu. And today once again I see proof that the practice rewards your perseverance when circumstances keep you away for a bit. Ashtanga is not for the strong and the flexible, it is for the willing. OH! and my Hamish Hendry Yoga Dharma book has been shipped, so it’s not all nonsense.

I Would Like To Say Thank You

To all of those people who  stayed up and chanted during Mahashivaratri last night because for the first time in months, I slept through the night. Like a baby. Or maybe it is the accumulated  almost 90 days of ashwaganda, no sugar, and booze only four times so far that is doing the trick. all I can tell you is that I started playing the chants Grim shared of  Ramaswami on youtube in a loop around 4 PM plus some other Om Nama Shivayas that appeared on the feed. I feel asleep with that japa in my head and woke up so refreshed that I decided that maybe the moon day was in fact tomorrow Saturday and not today and I would go to Led. Once there a friend shared with me that astrologically this particular February really does not have a new moon which very seldom happens (28 days? that makes sense). Before we started, teacher did mention that today was  considered a moon day, and that all these people who chanted during the night were looking forward to it. She also shared that when Guruji was alive he would always decide on the side of allowing two days of rest if the moon day fell close to a Fri/Sat. in other words if the moonday could go either way, lets say Friday late or very early Saturday, he would close the shala on Friday so students and families could enjoy two days rest in a row. if the same happened between a Saturday and a Sunday, he would close the shala on Sunday so there could also be two days of rest. I am paraphrasing her description so any inaccuracies fall on ME okay? Long story short we took it easy and it was a lovely practice with nice heat because crap it is cold outside. Today is my first anniversary as a mother in law. Why am I making it all about me? because nobody else cares, particularly the newlyweds. They are coming into JFK tomorrow for a few weeks because the son in law has a new book out  with his illustrations and is doing a book tour. I asked if I could make an anniversary dinner and they said they would like some lox/bagels/cream cheese/onions and capers and a dirty martini. I don’t think any of you have rugrats (or even know what that is) but here is the clip for the book:

Lights On

I started following a yogi named Ramiro Ventura on twitter. I believe he might be from Argentina but not sure. Anyway, he recently posted a sutra translated into Spanish instead of English and WHOA! The lights went on. Nutty as it sounds, I forget English is not my first language and maybe sometimes it is better to peruse or partake of knowledge in our mother tongue. It will be pricey to obtain a translation from the editorial publishing house he recommends but in the meantime I will avail myself of Los Yoga Sutras de Patanjali: Traduccion y comentarios por Swami Satchitananda $14.08 at amazon.