Mortifyingly Gross

It’s in the 90’s and everyone is sweating a lot. So please, please, please, do not do what I did yesterday and prepare a huge pile of roasted scallions to put on top of your thai rice and your guests’ halibut. This morning I started frowning and  self righteously thinking, “what”, WHO? smells so overwhelmingly bad?? It took a couple of more down dogs to figure out it was me. If it was revolting for me to be near myself, I can only imagine what I put my neighbors to the right and left of me through.  I ate before 5PM yesterday evening and went to a 10 AM practice, so FYI those fumes stay around awhile. Best leave the alliums for the night before your rest day, phew!

Dios Mio

I’m upset because I’m not upset. Did you get that? Here is  one of the perks about being a regular at a restaurant or a bar, or a cafe. (being vague on purpose here). You see a server/owner/bartender ( again on purpose) outside our regular environment and they confide that they overheard someone; a friend, a family member, a martian, talking trash about you!! I was horrified and embarrassed for about six seconds,and then realized I don’t GAF. This might sound like good news, but to me it really means that I do not have close bonds with people with whom I should really have tight bonds even if they might hurt me. I am going to work on that. I am also working on not feeling gleeful that I know that they were throwing shade at me and I can be sweet when I see them really really soon, and feel superior.  Anyway, baking cake and looking forward to eating it. Also opening a  bottle of icy cold Gewurtztraminer (Ga voortz traminer- you’re welcome) before Ray comes home. Have a great Friday  rest day and may you not need dramamine.


Caitlin Jenner looks absolutely Gorgeous. Caitlin with a C NOT a K, hahahhaha. At first I thought wow that Jessica Lange looks hot as a brunette!

Those hoodlums over at FIFA are going to prevent me from watching Lionel Messi do more of what he does for 2018. I only watch big deal championships but I caught the Copa del Rey final yesterday and wow. I really resent Sepp Blatter right now.

So fed up with reading yoga critiques as a the sole writing topic to maintain a web presence. Praise something once in a while for goodness sake.

Happy to notice that I choose vegan/vegetarian a lot more often without having to badger myself with ethical and health invective. I am actually preferring it right when I was ready to give up hope of it ever happening without waging a fierce battle with myself. All the yoga, not just the asana takes time to refine and improve.

I love all my young friends and am very flattered that I still get invited to wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings, but after this July, I am done. I am saving them and myself some money. I can’t go because I don’t want to.

I haven’t gone to India yet, and I am already scheming how to return in January with some mates.

Kind of bummed after reading about the air quality in New Delhi. Before that my only concern was soiling my pants, but someone who is a big deal at the CDC had told my daughter and her staff in Nepal that the solution was a can or bottle of Coca-Cola. Drink half before you eat your meal and the other half after you are done. Coke cleans  rust from carburetors after all. That does not mean you can drink the water, and I am not your MD.

Oh, and now I am terrified of winning that Inn in Maine contest that I entered  next week because Ray accepted the job of his dreams, so no way he is heading to the boonies with me.

J & R

I will have you know that it is possible to be simultaneously jealous and repulsed when you read about someone else’s lifestyle choices. I saw this NYT piece being shared on my friend Danielle’s Facebook page and also on The Confluence Countdown blog. My mother’s best friend used to say (translated from “Colombian” to English) “So and so does not dress himself, he covers himself.” The same can be applied to how you nourish your self. You ingest the ideal /optimal combination of nutrients to fuel your project, or you create an enjoyable event out of preparing, displaying, serving, and partaking, which is hard to pull of with powder, water, and a blender. Just like it is perfectly legal, convenient and productive to have a uniform (black turtleneck and jeans for example), it is just lovely to bathe in linen, raw silk, crisp cotton, or soft merino wool. I know that our yoga practice and the performance of our other tasks which provide for how we make a living benefit greatly from the type of nutrition touted on the NYT article, hence the jealous part of this rant. I would however doubt that we would have ever seen a still life painting like the ones in the finest museums or a beautifully set table for a milestone celebration if the favored and optimal way to nourish our bodies was to crush it all into a powder, mix it with water so we can catch our heels in the morning and then invent the next gadget gizmo to distract us from the boring in betweens, until it is time to do the acrobatics and sell our product again. There has to be a mid point where we are not a perfectly curated lifestyle magazine wannabe freak or an obsessed acetic betting the quality of their day on the success of their athletic endeavor. Unless you make a living doing either extreme. Then nothing I wrote here applies to you.

Oh The Yoga Chikitsa

For a little bit of TMI, today that wise gentleman Tim Feldman gave me a magnificent adjustment in the famous gateway asana known as Marichasana C. I do not remember ever twisting quite like that.  My last meal yesterday was soup around 5 PM. I treated my niece who is taking the same workshop to a latte after practice, and that plus a previous black coffee and some lemon water have been the only things inside my system today. So I don’t know how come I have a very  strong and persistent case of diarrhea. Do not underestimate the cleansing effects of a good wring of the internal organs. This development, plus the sweat I left there trying to put a good lady act ,has left me wondering If I will need electrolytes.


It has been probably years since I have posted a recipe on a blog. Weird for someone whose idea of a playground is a kitchen and a restaurant. I’m thinking of all of us who do cleanses and whole30s, juicing and the like during this time of year, and I am asking you to consider soup. I forget where I read or heard that smoothies, raw foods, and juices are sort of tough on digestion during cold winter months. If you are curious enough, I am sure that you can look up the pros and the cons to what I just stated. But here are three soups that are quite paleo (whole30) very cleansing (if you use vegan stock), and warming during Kapha season (this is Kapha season right?)

Cauliflower Watercress soup:

4 cups of stock (vegetable or chicken) in a large pot with lid. Throw in a small head of cauliflower chopped, a large bunch of watercress chopped, and bring to a boil. reduce to low heat and cover for 20 minutes. add salt and pepper and puree in a blender in batches.

Carrot orange red chili pepper soup:

saute a small chopped red onion in coconut oil for about 3 mins. add two or three carrots chopped, and 3 to 5 red chilies ( I use dry chinese chilies but use your favorites, I bet chipotles in adobo chopped are great here). add the juice of 2 oranges and cook on meduim/low heat for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, & add a can of coconut milk, salt and pepper. Puree in batches in a blender.

Vegetables in broth:

If you are lucky to have homemade broth (veg or chicken), just heat some up and  when piping hot add chopped grape tomatoes, chopped scallions, chopped, cilantro, chopped avocado and a squirt of sirracha or your favorite hot sauce and some lime (not lemon) juice, You paleo whole30 people can go ahead and poach an egg (a good egg and I hope you know what I mean) in the hot broth while it is heating. How? crack the egg in a metal soup ladle or giant metal spoon and lower deep into the pot of broth and hold it there till it is as firm as you like.

Hermit Hiatus

932ebd6f4a50ec8fd0cab8dead4cbecdI spent the entire past week indoors, in a hoodie and sweatpants, eating food that did not need preparation and was mostly white in color. The only thing I omitted from this spiral was booze because I did not have any and did not want to go outside to get some. I did some variations of 10 to 15 minute asanas every day, but only so I would feel that I was still part of a yoga community and I could comment on shit online without being a hypocrite. Sometimes a human gets slightly depressed, in the same way one can catch a cold, a skin rash, or a yeast infection. It passes, you feel better, and you get on with it. So I am going out early tomorrow to partake of communal practice. Kind of bloated, kind of stiff, but less frowny, less pouty, and way less despondent. Looking forward to feeling positively giddy about any old thing, which I must admit is a tall order during this ridiculous time of year. One thing I do look forward to every year is early led morning practice on Thanksgiving day, it never get old. Speaking about community, I also could not help notice through out this week that most Ashtanga practitioners and teachers who I admire and respect seldom get drawn into the back and forth  that occurs during recurring bursts of online Ashtanga ranting/bashing. They seem to never take the bait ( and I do mean bait) to join the fray. That silence speaks in calm, steady, easy volumes to me.


We are taking off tomorrow to see if there is any folliage left to ooh and aah at up in Maine, and to drain the pipes, shut the power, store the outdoor stuff, etc. for the  season.

We bought a bottle of very fancy Champagne back in the summer of 2013 which we were to enjoy for our 25th wedding anniversary, but then we decided to travel from vineyard to vineyard instead. So before our 25th anniversary year ends we are going to pop that cork and enjoy it this weekend with some Harbison and some plum preserves that are currently fogging all of my windows. Harbison is a seasonal cheese. I haven’t had cheese in awhile. My childhood friend Nacho (K-12 same classroom every day) Milks these cows. I love this video.

I have no yoga theme for today. I did drive to the shala even though I only had 45 minutes to spare this morning because I wanted to hug my friend who lost her beautiful Samoyed family member suddenly yesterday. Yoga turns no dog/cat/no pets period cranky old ladies  into animal lovers.

Accountability List

In an effort to discover why the following edibles are not the kind of item I can consume responsibly or sense when I have had enough (I thing that is called trance), I have decided to list them. New to the list: Thin salted matzos, which I originally bought to make matzo brei, but ended up eating most of them slathered in Kerry Gold butter.

Here is what I’ve got so far:

John Win Macy’s cheese sticks

Wave Hill bread

Breton style salted caramels

Bizcochos de achira (arrowroot biscuits, a Colombian thing)

Obleas (similar to a wafer used in catholic liturgy, but unblessed and huge. filled with dulce de leche, also a Latin or Spanish European thing)

French crepes de dentelles cookies



Sardinian or Sicilian( no idea which is right) flat bread

They say identify the behavior right? Well the Matzo’s are gone, and thank goodness they are seasonal. Thank goodness I don’t have the skill or the patience to make bizcochos de achira, obleas, or Sardinian  flatbread. Crepes de Dentelle are expensive and I only see them at airports. The salted caramels are always a gift form my friend Brigitte who brings them from her home in Erquy, and when I found them online I almost fell of my chair when I saw how much they were. Cherries are seasonal, so my main three triggers are the darn pistachios those cheese sticks and the Wave Hill bread. Okay, I also have a waffle problem but I do not own a waffle iron and I will not pay $12-$14 for someone to make me one.




Needless to say that I certainly do not recommend this. After a cocktail with one friend, three glasses of white plus one of rose, appetizers, a cheese plate, along with dessert with another friend, followed by a hamburger and a shake to go from Shake Shack at 10 PM (because there was no line! There never is no line!!) I just finished a smooth free of discomfort practice. Go figure. Not that I have to come up with reasons, but I am finding out that an Ashtanga practice is most sustainable when there is nothing to demonstrate, prove, accomplish. In other words when you subtract the feeling of obligation and instead curiously wonder if it can happen while a burger and a salted caramel shake sit undigested in your stomach. Sometimes the answer is yes. Maybe only  this one time the answer is yes. All I know is that you have to get up and find out. I read two posts earlier this week. One discussed how it was advisable to find your edge again in the part of the practice that is now smooth and committed to muscle memory so you can refine and sort of wake up the beginners mind I suppose. That pushed everyone of my buttons. I was like, are you kidding me?? those few minutes of the standing and seated poses I can do easily is what I count on to sustain me through the other 90 minutes of I wonder what’s going to happen!! The other post talked about the rough patches that you encounter along the trajectory of your practice and how not to get discouraged or end up walking away. It basically said that you had to  freely give and offer your efforts day in and day out until you no longer care if there is a reward or a secret power to discover. You practice generosity with your efforts, the way you practice generosity with your time, with your money or with your patience in many other areas of your life. You give and do not stand around waiting for the lollipop.