“Thinking Off”

Ahh, New York Times. You finally move articles about yoga from the fashion and style section to the science and health section. Of course you wise editors  still decide to leave the piece on Eddie Stern in the magazines “culture” section, because you know, even though yoga is a spiritual endeavor, the important part is that celebrities practice it. But Mr. William Broad the science writer hawking his book. figured how to harness Anusaga  and John Friend into his promotional endeavors so his article made it to the health section of the paper. I bet Cosmo and Maxim ask permission to reprint, you know, it being so full of footnoted and precise scientific info on genital stimulation which he seems to think is the main missed point of practicing yoga. He also mentions all the  handful of male figures who have been embroiled in sexual scandal. Dumb and stupid me thought that most yoga teachers and studio owners around these parts seem to be female. Am I linking to Mister Broad’s new article? No f*#cking way.  (Excuse my french Claudia :)!)

Heads Up

When the media cycle slows down be assured that the experts at the NYT, Newsweek, TIME, FOX, etc, are giong to jump on The Anusara John Friend Story like a shark feeding frenzy (I would be delighted to be wrong about this BTW). That means that Just like all your co workers, relatives, and stranger friends emailed you the Mr. Broad yoga wrecking article, they will email you whatever they see on Tantra, and its titillating sexual connotations, seasoned with some wiccan and who knows what else. So I recommend you read the post below  from Ramesh Bjonnes at EJ  so you have a couple of pieces of info that might come in handy, just in case. I had to read it more than once but that is just me.