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I read a very generous and detailed synopsis of a David Swenson  workshop on the blog I link to below:

Ashtangi Angel: David Swenson Manchester workshop 2012 and my first jump through!.

I had heard some of the points at AYC in San Diego. What I had not heard (but was maybe said and I did not catch) was that you should be performing at about 80% to 90% of your capacity for a couple of excellent reasons. 1. So you can receive adjustments with less risk of injury, and 2. So you  never feel taxed or overextended, which provides an opportunity to feel generosity towards yourself, which leads to feeling optimistic, therefore from your own accord  you try new and harder things more fearlessly. (that last part was my ramble.) Worked like a charm today. The temperature in CT didn’t hurt either. Welcome yoga weather. I can’t believe yoga has brokered peace between myself and humidity.

In other news, I have found new strength in my shoulders to give relief to my head and neck during headstand, but have lost the so called plumb line that allowed teacher to let go of me once she coaxed me up…