The Six Times A Week Prescription

Creating a six times a week practice routine that we are reluctant to interrupt, really helps those of us who do not think with the mind or the heart, but with the stomach. Yesterday we celebrated my uncle’s birthday. He has had a hard  2 months of on the job nurse training for a very difficult patient( his wife) and is completely drained. We took them out to a cute little french bistro in City Island where I am sorry to say I lost all moderation(it was day 20 of a very judicious green raw eating plan that was going splendidly). I’ll fess up to the escargots, and you don’t really need to know what happened after that, except that there was hell to pay later on that evening way into almost dawn. Logic and traditional thought would say stay home and conserve energy, but something inside me felt strongly that it was a good idea to try and practice even if it was a 20 minute drive for 10 Suryas. Well don’t you know that I managed a 1/2 sweaty primary, and was heeaaleed!! like the pentecostals say. Let me clarify that it was not a hangover that got healed but a case of severe gluttonous indigestion. In that case, best thing to do from now on is sweat it off.