If you do not know what the term means, do move on because I can barely type today due to 68 degrees in the middle of February and what that does to my sinuses. Plus it requires/deserves a better explanation than the one I am able to give. I think I have an insight on how singularity will occur. Last night all my dreams had tool bars, and multiple open windows, and in a weird version of lucid dreaming I thought that I should move away form the laptop for awhile to reboot my synapses ( using the term reboot means I’m already too late for that), or accept that my neural passages have morphed into a new OS and it is evolutionary. I can only imagine what  the dreams and neural passages of a 20 year old who communicates mostly through text/twitter behave like. Will try mysore as 6 PM tonight when it is dark and the light no longer hurts my face.