How My Brain Works

I am simultaneously inspired by Kino MacGregor’s introduction and first chapter of her new book, like highlighter inspired; while at the same time totally despondent over the news about how we are all bugged and monitored by our government while we pay for it. I’m not even surprised just upset that they now longer give a fuck if we know. So do I practice today after reading some of the most eloquent paragraphs on the beauty, significance, and benefits of this practice? Nope. I stay home and make buttermilk scones. I have no one to share them with because Ray is in Maine with his brothers, a time I have used in the past  to do all sorts of healthy experiments. In my defense I have sinus issues today and I’m popping advil. Hopefully I’ll throw away the ones I don’t eat when I’m full. It’s not even noon. On the bright side, I just saw a video showing Canada’s Defense Minister (former?) admitting that there are aliens on earth.

Update: I continue to have a very bad record on scone baking. Check out those warts. plus they are spongy inside, not flaky. I can produce the best made from scratch pie crust, but scones? not yet. Ate 2 (one too many ) and the rest go to the critters outside.


Sometimes Just Make A List

Kapha season is killin’ me. Mind you that before last year I didn’t know there was a kapha season, so maybe I could not use it as a scapegoat. I honestly do not remember being afflicted with so many nose, ear and even my teeth hurt ailments.  Today even though it is a clear, mostly sunny day, I cannot touch my face because of sinus pain. I tried to wait it out for a 10:30 led, but here it is noon and I just used the neti pot and put some mullen garlic drops in my ears and am hoping for the best. I am thinking I can still salvage an afternoon self practice. An antidote for lying down to drown in a pool of self pity is to make a list of good stuff/bad stuff which is going on right now. It really takes the edge off.


face & ear pain


worrying about future social engagements

weeds overtaking my front yard

my hair looks like an electrocuted dandelion

newspapers don’t tell you anything anymore


Bumper crop of 6 different hydrangeas coming soon

chaturanga demotion working wonders

making colombian beans and rice for baby girl’s visit

yoga nidra

re supply of japanese aloeswood, beech wood and moss incense arrived

All of July in Maine soon

kapha season almost over!


If you do not know what the term means, do move on because I can barely type today due to 68 degrees in the middle of February and what that does to my sinuses. Plus it requires/deserves a better explanation than the one I am able to give. I think I have an insight on how singularity will occur. Last night all my dreams had tool bars, and multiple open windows, and in a weird version of lucid dreaming I thought that I should move away form the laptop for awhile to reboot my synapses ( using the term reboot means I’m already too late for that), or accept that my neural passages have morphed into a new OS and it is evolutionary. I can only imagine what  the dreams and neural passages of a 20 year old who communicates mostly through text/twitter behave like. Will try mysore as 6 PM tonight when it is dark and the light no longer hurts my face.