Regular Folk Weekend

I’m sure I would have noticed if this had happened already, So I am going to venture and say that since I started taking advantage of the moon days this is the first time that I enjoy a Saturday followed by a Sunday moon day. I know I have made rackets about Friday/Saturday combos before, so yeah this is my first civilian weekend as an ashtangi. Pretty low key in the eating and drinking department because I realized it too late to plan a food orgy thank god. Decided to go to a movie theater  last night since I did not have to wake up early today. Went to see that Morning Glory Hotel with all the awesome Brits, set in India. We were the youngest people in that theater (54 as of last Friday). Today I’m planting cala lilies all over the place because I hear they are invasive and the soil in my front yard is cursed, so I’m putting them to the test. If they multiply here the can keep their reputation. I am not optimistic because even creeping jenny which garden centers are banned from selling for its rapaciousness won’t thrive beyond a few strands in this darn yard. Will be trolling for more colors at the other trader Joe’s.

4 thoughts on “Regular Folk Weekend

  1. LOL… Marigold Hotel… I enjoyed it and having a regular weekend too (i. e. drinking wine in Saturday night:)

  2. I want to go to that movie too but need to get my mom as an excuse! Like “oh yeah, I’m just going because my 76 year old Mom is dragging me” sort of the reverse of people who love kid movies and need the cover of an 8 year old to save face.

    I was a bad lady and practiced anyway. Now that I no longer have a shala, it’s mood days schmoon days. I just practice whenever.

    Best of luck with those callas!

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