10 Hours

That is the amount of sleep I am averaging this week. Not just because my cyborg parts tell me so. I open my eyes and grasp for: It’s snowing, there is black ice, and today (3rd cough!! Friday of the month), it was the furnace stopped working in the middle of the night- so I must wait for repair man. I was going to that fun 11 AM one hour class but the delivery of the wood for the new fence to be built this weekend came, and it blocked me in. I have not slept this luxuriously since I was childless, and I am loving it. I am trying to love it without shame or guilt. Why is that hard? It’s not like I’m stealing it from someone that needs it. This teenager sleep pattern  has given me 3 days in a row to do research Ashtanga, which although lonely, it is also fun to use props, do overs, and the drum soundtrack.

7 thoughts on “10 Hours

      • I used to enjoy a glass or 2 of wine with dinner (an early dinner)more than once a week. Now I can time my night sweats to the amount of red consumed. I still partake but only when it is a special bottle hopefully accompanied with a great meal. God knows we cannot afford that more than twice a month!

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