3 Observations

First, after a period of time all of the observations about the Ashtanga practice become highly specific to how your brain is wired and how you have treated your body so far. So whatever you report is not really a tip and therefore just maybe fun to read or procrastinate with. Second, I am no longer afraid of backtracking into being a slob that does not move or bend if I miss a few days because my body starts screaming for a stretch, a twist, and an upward facing dog. Moving, or more accurately intending to move becomes complicated without the practice once the body gets used to the benefits of asana. And third, at the age of 55 going on 56, the first practice after a few days of rest feels actually good and not stiff at all. Weird? Remember observation #1.

1 thought on “3 Observations

  1. It’s funny cause the theme of my rough practice yesterday was self acceptance, and it carried over to today. I got on the mat & while my body didn’t feel terrible, I just didn’t want the vinyasa. So I did the first pose of 2nd three times and stopped. I’ll take a salt bath before brunch instead & do Chandra Krama in the evening, before bed.

    I’ve noticed a thing of practice “phases” that’s like biorhythms. Sometimes my body is happier with lots of consecutive practices, and at other times I do better with more frequent rest days, interspersed. In other words, sometimes I’m 100% and other times more like 70%. The lulls do not damage the whole though. Conversely, trying to beat myself with a 2×4 during the lulls DOES do damage! LOL.

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