Attention NY/CT Foodies

I need your help. Unfortunately my mother fed my a dinner of chicken curry early in my life that gave me such a severe case of stomach sickness/indigestion that I have a reaction to this day when ever I smell curry. I need to get over that, so I need a re-introduction to these flavors by way of a really good restaurant recommendation. I would like to dine and re- taste before I start fooling around with my new Ayurvedic cookbook. I went to an excellent Indian supermarket nearby and bought some items, but even the smell of some of the very good quality spices they have overwhelmed me a little bit…. So if you could send me a favorite of yours in NYC, Westchester, or Fairfield County, I’d really appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Attention NY/CT Foodies

  1. well I love Sapphire in Columbus Circle but it isn’t exactly ‘healthy’ or low fat! We eat there whenever we come to town to visit the Mother-in-Law who lives on 62nd.

    Non dairy Indian is somewhat hard to manage, not impossible but the true taste comes from all that ghee.

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