Modern Yoga Aphorisms

I thoroughly enjoyed Jason Stein’s Ashtanga Yoga Stories From Beyond The Mat, even though I had already gone through his blog archives awhile ago.

Here are some phrases that required a highlighter in no particular order:

Transcend lottery mentality.

Listen buttercup, it’s time to rip off the Band Aid.

This practice stubbornly refuses to do itself.

I believe they call those people “bliss bunnies”.

As Messner says, without the possibility of death, adventure is not possible.

Yoga doesn’t  teach me to defer my feelings and thoughts…It’s teaching me to acknowledge them as they arise, see them for what they are, and then see that I am not those feelings and thoughts.

Some days are like a warm effortless shower and some are like a root canal.

You don’t need to live in Spain to learn to speak Spanish- though it sure can accelerate the process.

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