Note To Weather

Please make up your mind. Yesterday, sun burn.. Today, Brrr. Which is the perfect recipe for a strong good sinus headache. It started announcing its arrival during warrior II and by Tiriangumukha P, I could not see straight. I sat and did mindful breathing with my eyes closed until the rest of the class got to closing (out of respect but also because I wanted to make sure I could drive). Now that I’m home and drank a second cup of coffee (that sometimes cures it or makes it even worse) I am wondering if it is not just the weather but the truck that almost rear ended me while I was pulling into the shala because he thought my turn light was kidding. You know delayed stress  blood rush to the brain. Lets not dwell in the past, lets continue with the Sunday NYT and admit that the ground did not some rain ( but not really cold rain) Happy Earth Day.

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