Boastful Misery

I’m back from still another unintentional trip to midtown to do a couple of favors.I do have to say that the streets are not that crazy and I had to go down Fifth all the way to 57th and it was walkable. I like the train ride that has all the suits coming back home from the office wars because it is a quiet ride, most of the time. Today there were a couple of lady shoppers on that ride and they were the only ones talking so we all had to listen. I don’t know when it became a contest but these two were competing for the most frazzled and stressed out so far on this most holy day season. The categories were as follows:The size of the Christmas card list, The holiday cookie swap, the holiday open house party decor, to gift wrap or no gift wrap, etc, etc. The point was to outdo the other with how late, and how behind and how difficult it all was. They were loving it, and I always say give the people what they want. The best part is that one of them-I am almost sure-said in a loud whisper “Thank God for yoga”! I was feeling all superior until I started thinking that sometimes we yogis get all wound up in comparing what hurts the most, or where the kinks are, or who is most stuck, etc, etc. We all do weird stuff.

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