Three Loaded Words

DISTRACTION, ENTERTAINMENT, PLEASURENone of them have negative connotations, although in a puritanical cultural environment they may have. I do find it interesting that most of us feel that we should invest our free, unassigned time to one of those three pursuits. What do you like to do when you have no obligations? More importantly, do you truly like it? or are you distracting or entertaining yourself in order not to think about how little you know about what you like, because commerce has been dictating what is fun since your first tv commercial as a toddler?

My head almost exploded when I read this mornings “fashion and style” section of the NYT. I am not linking to it because it occurred to me that they are counting on my and your social media mention of our exasperation with the article on the correct outfit for meditating, so it “trends”. It was this shameless attempt to liken a spiritual practice such as meditation to a form of entertainment that requires the purchase of correct equipment in order to do it properly. And how do you know you are doing it properly? You obviously derive pleasure and are completely distracted from what you want to avoid! It seems that you increase your chances for success if you buy $995 Donna Karan pants.

8 thoughts on “Three Loaded Words

  1. I guess that at times it can be hard to discern what we truly like and what society makes us like, but getting to know ourselves is the most beautiful journey we could ever decide to embark on. đŸ™‚

    • Agreed. Which is why I find these artificial preconditions such as the perfectly decorated meditation room and the non constricting yoga pants so infuriating because they serve as willfully given wrong directions for embarking on the journey. Not to say that the travelers will not find their way eventually, but why place roadblocks just for cash?

  2. $995 pants for meditation??? Really?

    Only a matter of time before someone starts a “Sadhu” clothing line: orange/yellow cotton clothes and Indian rugs for blankets, just like how they do it in the Himalayas, but at an exponentially higher price!

  3. What really gets me is you go to India and there is no such thing there as special clothes for yoga or special mats or special cushions for meditation. There is no temperature controlled comfort space for practice. I lived at an ashram and during classes there was often talking in the area and pots and pans clanging in the kitchen as our meal for after class was being prepared and In general, life going on as usual. It is only in America that we have turned this beautiful ancient practice into such a fashion and other nonsense spectacle.

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