Socialite Ashtanga

I guess i sometimes forget how rock star, fashionable, and fabulous, some well known (for those in the know)  some ashtangis are. A NYT article about a fundraiser for Bent On Learning was highlighting the practices of some attendees, like so and so is doing second (intermediate) and so and so is doing 4th. there were also a bunch of slides of which my favorite was a back shot of Eddie Stern’s fabulous suit.

Not to get competitive or anything, but I guess if you receive private instruction, you pretty much can claim any series you like( I am assuming it is private, maybe it is a very public 4th!). I’m sorry but that is how my petty brain works. I bet that my brain would have gone somewhere else if this had been featured in the health section or the education section, or even the metro section. Of course The problem is in my brain and not in the paper’s layout choices. I also wonder how Bent On Learning has so far avoided the drama that Jois in Encinitas encountered when it tried to introduce yoga to the public schools. I bet they have a really skillful contact person at the DOE.

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