Last Night

The late afternoon workshop with Dena yesterday was called sprit of the breath. we did some pranayama exercises some of which included partners. It was low key, ended with some chanting and some singing. It is in moments like that that I remember my ethnicity. It sounded to me and I could be so wrong,That the singing was kind of hesitant, low in volume and a little shy. The chanting was a bit mor energetic because I think a lot of people knew the words. My friend and I talked about how in our culture it is not everyone’s cup of tea to sing together outside of a concert venue. Dena has a beautiful voice and I thought the poem had a beautiful message. My knees are complaining today and we will see how they behave during led with Mr. Swenson. I sacrificed Kirtan for a lovely long meal with lots of conversation and two glasses of Chenin Blanc. Those of you who know me are not terribly shocked.

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