Excessive Optimisim

True, a cold crisp bandol does not give you the night sweats like those reds do. Still it was a little too much to ask if after consuming two bottles even if it was before 6PM, you think you can pull a primary. Or a half primary. I folded after the Janus and had to fake the Uttita Parsvakonasanas because the twist almost made me lose my coffee. Oh well, peor es nada=better than nothing. If you are near Norwalk CT in the spring stop by Fat Cat Pie Co. during ramp season and order their floor of the woods pizza: fresh ramps, foraged mushrooms, bechamel on the crispest crust ever. They even gave me a couple to chop on a little something this week. I love those people.

photo copy 3

2 thoughts on “Excessive Optimisim

  1. They’ve become sort of a thing right? People in Maine have always enjoyed them along with fiddlehead ferns and and garlic scapes because they are so excited to have something green come out of the ground.

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