I learned how  to jump back from standing very early in the practice by watching a video by the sometimes annoying Lucas Rockwood. I learned how to jump through with ease to sitting by watching a rare demo of Sharath doing it on a clip that Grimly shared last year or earlier this year, can’t remember. I just remembered that I saw what Sharath did, went to the floor and copied it exactly. I cried a little . I just sent my teacher a video of Maty Ezraty putting a strap around a student’s elbows as an adjustment in Urdhva Danurasana, to see if she concurs and tries it on me. As I was sharing my recent insomnia woes with teacher before practice, it occurred to me that even if I learn to lift up completely it does not mean shit if I cannot maintain a quiet empty mind while I move my body. I finally figured out that it is entertaining and even interesting to watch Kino, or Matthew Sweeney or DG technique and tips, but progress only comes when you go inside for solutions to your asana challenges. The “ping” if we want to call it that comes when you stop crafting strategies and procedures and let the sound of your breath shut that racket down.

3 thoughts on “Video

      • Absolutely it is. V is sweetness and love.

        I think the word I say most when I teach is, “Breathe!” I think I need to get one of those T-shirts that says that, so I can shut up and just point to my chest when needed, LOL.

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