…The final frontier. Hahahaha old dork, sorry. I have ended up commenting on more than one site singing the praises of the Kon Mari method. Sometime in December almost every friend in my circle (local & cyber) simultaneously decided to check out this book:


After finishing it round the first week of January, I still had not developed the nerve to do things exactly as she wanted me to, until now. I had to buy a new tank of gas just from making trips to the goodwill and to the dump. Mostly to the dump. I also realized that I had been used in the past as a dumping ground for well meaning friends and family, who once heard me say I loved pitchers, owls, images of Buddha Shakyamuni, or know that I practice yoga give me everything they find with with the OM symbol. Some of the stuff was in the category of “this is sterling silver/Limoges/100+ years old whatever, and I don’t want it! So I need you to keep it so I can feel okay about it” Let’s be mindful of what we give each other, lest it becomes a well intentioned burden! This book is longer than it needs to be, but you know what? As I was reading it I finally understood why the inhalation and exhalation/ creating sound obsession when doing asana. We are making room for the shape to take form!  If you practice in front of a teacher, they are holding space so you can in turn, create space within yourself to create the movement. Oh, and I wont lie, Marie is okay with taking to inanimate objects and she actually encourages it. I have been mortified since childhood thinking that I was being creepy.

11 thoughts on “Space

  1. Purging meaningless crap from your home that doesn’t bring you joy is the new juicing. 😉

    And, yes, I have those “generous” people in my life, too. They always seem so surprised/miffed when I say, “No, thanks for thinking of me, but, I don’t want/need one of those.” (What I don’t say to them, but sometimes want to: “Get rid of it yourself! Sheesh.”)

    The moral of the story: Don’t take anyone else’s shit.

    • I stopped accepting a few years ago but only because I was already drowning in “priceless” but unwanted stuff. I am very aware of not doing that to others. Maybe it is a generational thing? >

  2. love this. i just bought that book this week, and was planning to blog about it..i read most of it at work the past couple days (when i should have been working 😉 ) i always feel terrible tossing out “gifts” that the givers..usually family or long time friends, give..which i will never ever wear, use or read. and then being convinced by friends not to toss..inherited family crap (ie dishes) that i will never ever use! i think it is also a- you have space for stuff thing- i don’t have a at least there is a bit less that comes my way.

    yeah, i’m not sure what to think about the talking to clothes and things..i do talk to plants..does that qualify me as creepy?

    • Suzanne! You too huh? I have to say that my unofficial survey says it is mostly my yogi peeps who are going for it with this book. I think speaking to your plants is an important part of their care. The very few farmers I know talk (mumble really) to what they have in thei field. So not creepy. I say hello and goodbye and where are you, I can’t deal with you right now, sorry you are so dirty, do you think this will work? Aloud. That, maybe yes. >

  3. I need this book! Oh the clutter…thankfully not on an episode of hoarders yet! Did you consign or eBay any of the “priceless” stuff? That’s where my guilt comes in…

    • P, you will see that it demands a plunge into it attitude that is hard to do when you live with more than one person. I tried to recruit Ray and failed miserably, I am glad I cut myself in his junk drawer because that was a sign! I left his stuff alone and did what I’m in charge of (I am in charge of almost everything in here it turns out). No I did not ebay or consign. I had two silver tea sets and kept one. I had silver ashtrays, cocktail shakers( plural) and serving pieces that went the way of entertaining in the 50’s and 60’s. Also a collection of french and scandinavian porcelain stuff that never saw the light of day. I am thrilled by just thinking about the person who walks into the NC thrift store or the goodwill and recognizes a marking and thinks score!! Like I said, most of what I discarded went to the dump (a lot of paper). and I was also afraid of getting into “those bids is too low, no way” or the uppity consignment lady dissing/disputing the provenance of my junk, LOL

  4. “If you practice in front of a teacher, they are holding space so you can in turn, create space within yourself to create the movement.”

    This is a beautiful sentiment Maria. So so beautiful. (Also, doesn’t decluttering feel good? I should do it more often. Michelle is right, it’s the new juicing!!).

    • D, I have to say decluttering her way gave me a few palpitations, but I have to say in the aftermath I feel sort of gangster! In other news, I bought my India ticket! so excited to finally meet you this fall xo. >

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