It Got Crowded

I could not for the life of me wake up this morning to beat the school buses that line the road to the shala, so I waited for a 10:30 led class. When I have done that before, there would be 7 to maybe 12 of us. This time there was barely room for those who were finishing their mysore practice! I wonder if all that talk about yoga, yoga clothes, yoga stars, yoga memoirs, andย  yoga postures in advertising to sell stuff, is really increasing the numbers of people trying it out. I know people start the year with exercise resolutions, but in my experience by the 3rd week in January things are back to normal numbers. Today was almost past a full house, almost like workshop attendance. So maybe it is the new dawn of yoga…

5 thoughts on “It Got Crowded

  1. it was packed in my shala today too … seems to ebb and flow with no discernible reason. We have a new guy and he’s creepy, a starer. Ugh. I have to work hard to ignore him. I can’t wait until March when everyone bails again and its only the hardcore regulars. Is that bad of me?

  2. Not at all Loo. I’m waiting for the same thing ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I was one of those who started yoga on a January and I stuck it out! So we’ll see how many sticks around by the time mid-February/March hits.

  3. That’s right, March is totally bail month! I want my teacher to do well, so I do not mind if I cannot swan dive into Uttanasana. I do draw the line at starers and noise makers ( “ugh”, “sigh”, “oof”, “ouch”, etc) They might do better at a place with a playlist. I have to say the place around the corner had an awesome playlist. It totally sent me of kilter, but I kept thinking- I love that song!! And had to try hard not sing along while out of breath. And Like Yyogini says, we might get one of her!

  4. I always feel like I have to get to my shala the moment it opens because I don’t like the crowd…nor do I care for those who slap their stuff around when they are setting up ๐Ÿ™‚ I know, I know…suppose to not care about those things. By 9am, it gets too crowded for me cause that seems to be the time all the parents have dropped their kids off at school and they come to practice. I too can’t wait until March cause I know it’s going to change ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think you have the national schedule figured out Stars. I have a friend who owns a small restaurant in my town who says she makes her money right after all the pilates/zumba/kickboxing/yoga classes let out at 11 AM. They come for coffee and stay for lunch! I always notice the difference between a quiet and aloud entrance as well.

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