I joined twitter last month mainly to be able to stalk my daughter and her BF in the jungles of Cambodia, and be aware if they had tweeted for help in the middle of nowhere.  I then found a lot of the cool people whose paragraphs a regularly read who also lead more editorialized conversations on twitter. Even more technotainment. So I have three followers. One of them with very lovely manners who sent me a chance to introduce myself. She asked me a great question: What is your favorite song? I’m sure most people have one, but I don’t. I have attachments to songs, some of them quite awful that remind me of awesome happy times, but I don’t have a “signature” song. so I wrote @ lisamhayes a weak reason  not to have one. I came up with 3 questions that I could answer in a heartbeat, the way in which most people answer what’s your favorite song. Please share your answers if you feel inclined.

Where is your favorite food market?

What food do you secretly love?

What are 2 essential cooking ingredients?

Boqueria in Barcelona, condensed milk on pretty much anything, kosher salt and olive oil.

8 thoughts on “Twitterquest

  1. these are interesting questions that I will have to think about … how can I find you on twitter? you can look for me … loosbp. I’m not on it much though.

    • I’m mavrolo, and I just tweet my daily blog post or make a quick comment here and there. The kids tweeted all of twice during their jungle trek: “We’re in-We’re out”.

  2. 1. Taiwanese night markets. The food are so unhealthy (re-fried oil and stuff) but taste soooooo good.

    2. My cousin gave me a bag of lemon slices treated with salt, vinegar and sugar. I’ve been adding them to hot water and drinking this yummy salty sweet tangy lemon drink to nurse my sore throat every day for 2 weeks and have been loving the flavor.

    3. For my mom it would be soy sauce and green onion/garlic/ginger. I know it’s 4 ingredients but she puts these things in EVERYTHING she makes, and somehow they manage to all taste different.

  3. Oh! That’s YOU! I wondered who that nice person was who sent me the supportive tweet! Thank you!

    Fav market: The local alternative/farmer’s market
    Secret foodlove: egg salad sandwich on toasted bread (I’ve never found a good vegan alternative)
    Essential cooking ingredients: chili powder for spice, agave for sweet

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