Monday I Swear

I’m getting back on the mat on Monday. Was going to do it earlier, but I  read Tim Miller’s blog on Wednesday and that cinched it.  I am a little anxious about it since all I have consumed this week is white food. Maybe I sprinkled some parsley on something but it was by accident. The only thing I’ve been able to hang on to is my sitting practice which for some unexplainable reason has been great in a way that does not translate well verbally. The other interesting thing is that my dreams, though not necessarily pleasant have been Cecile B De Mille  quality. I left the house once on Monday night to see a friend who needed company and last night walked half a block with the husband to get some frozen yogurt (white). Otherwise, have not left the house which is not great and it can snowball into something else. Crackin’ the shell on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Monday I Swear

  1. that’s sounding all too familiar. I got bodywork today because my sacrum was out and causing sciatic pain … i’ve eaten toast and left over peach crisp so far today… Monday it is!

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