The firs persimmon I ever had was unripe and it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I can still recall it at will. It took me along time to give it a second chance. Now I fuss about from store to store looking for the perfect one, and I eat it alone with no distractions. I was asked when was the first time I did yoga. In January 2008 I was at a resort in Tulum and I was watching a young lady struggle with language trying to teach a yoga class to a group of all English speaking guests. I felt sorry for her so I got up from my lounge chair and offered to translate. I was recruited for the rest of the week. Either the instructor or one of the students would find and fetch me..

6 thoughts on “Persimmon

  1. persimmons are really beautiful. i have 5 perfect persimmons in a white and blue bowl on my countertop right now…. i’m waiting for them to ripen to perfection slowly while i appreciate the appropriately autumnal aesthetic they lend to my kitchen….

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