Accountability List

In an effort to discover why the following edibles are not the kind of item I can consume responsibly or sense when I have had enough (I thing that is called trance), I have decided to list them. New to the list: Thin salted matzos, which I originally bought to make matzo brei, but ended up eating most of them slathered in Kerry Gold butter.

Here is what I’ve got so far:

John Win Macy’s cheese sticks

Wave Hill bread

Breton style salted caramels

Bizcochos de achira (arrowroot biscuits, a Colombian thing)

Obleas (similar to a wafer used in catholic liturgy, but unblessed and huge. filled with dulce de leche, also a Latin or Spanish European thing)

French crepes de dentelles cookies



Sardinian or Sicilian( no idea which is right) flat bread

They say identify the behavior right? Well the Matzo’s are gone, and thank goodness they are seasonal. Thank goodness I don’t have the skill or the patience to make bizcochos de achira, obleas, or Sardinian  flatbread. Crepes de Dentelle are expensive and I only see them at airports. The salted caramels are always a gift form my friend Brigitte who brings them from her home in Erquy, and when I found them online I almost fell of my chair when I saw how much they were. Cherries are seasonal, so my main three triggers are the darn pistachios those cheese sticks and the Wave Hill bread. Okay, I also have a waffle problem but I do not own a waffle iron and I will not pay $12-$14 for someone to make me one.



6 thoughts on “Accountability List

  1. Right with you on all those goodies although only in thought now. I went gluten free in January and while I’d love to go back to eating all my favs, my practice has really improved and I’ve lost 25 pounds. That is big incentive for menopausal me😁
    Salted caramels however – I am not giving up – ever 😛

    • That is so the way to go. I know from personal experience that gluten/dairy/sugar free is how my body functions best. My battle is overcoming self sabotage. I need to figure out how to disable or intercept the over ride circuit to solve this constant disruption to my health and well being.

  2. I totally understand self sabotage and it took me a very long time to get a handle on it. We are also different with that. It did help that several times I put myself in an environment where food was prepared for me and I didn’t have a choice for long periods of time. Feeling good replaced my constant “cheating” myself after awhile. I also spent a lot of time reading up on health issues created by my so-called contraband and that helped a little too. In all ways, as they say – one day at a time😃

  3. Yeah, cheese.The sugar thing is not terribly hard for me, the crunchy salty creamy thing needs some serious brain pathway reweaving. I hope you are all cozy and enjoying this great fall day in your neck of the woods.

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