I know we all hear about a variety of opinions regarding practice while injured. They range from the clip of that guy doing a modified full primary with his buddy while having a fractured extermity (femur? I forget) to the recommendation of just sit and breathe. Since I can only experiment on myself, I will tell you that a week of rest without angst ( I think that was the secret ingredient) pays tremendous dividends in the form of renewed stamina, endurance, and of  course saying farewell to the pain. A 24, 32, 44, or 49 year old might not have to wait a week to feel all that, but a 57 year old chubby ex smoker really feels the benefit. I acted like the one time during my entire teaching career when I got jury duty. Like I had won a trip to Bali in the winter. Lovely lovely practice on the last day of August. Here is a sample of my purchases for my first trip to India.


I haven’t been given the first pose of 2nd so I think I need this. My sisters in law have been very worried about me because they know me as someone who won’t use the facilities unless it is where I’m going to be spending the night. my other paranoid purchases are boring: The most paranoid is a neck wallet with RFID blocking lining. Leaving in 36 days. I remember seeing photos of the 2014 Yatra where many Ladies were wearing their beautiful saris. My friend Kristen (Whom I already miss terribly) brought me a beautiful hand printed raw silk sari back from India a couple of years ago. I like to play with it and know how to wrap it in a couple of styles. Unfortunately I look like a chimichanga or a burrito in it. so it will be salwar kameeze for me from FabIndia.

12 thoughts on “Dividends

    • No no Y! I’m going to participate in a portion of that Namarupa Yatra this October. Was going to continue to Mysore but that did not work out. Next year maybe 😉

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  1. Have you tried that yet? Fascinated to hear more. And yes, squatting is a good skill, one I had before the yoga, developed over a fear of toilet seats and being the kind of girl that would pee in the woods like the boys. India. Wow. Gonna be an amazing trip!

  2. I alway carried a roll of toilet paper in my bag because when you do find a western toilet there won’t be tp just a bucket of water. I also brought a bunch of individually wrapped wet ones for when there isn’t a sink available.

    • LOL! It’s like you looked at the sidebar on my Facebook feed where amazon reminds me of what I’ve been buying while inviting me to buy it again even before it has arrived! The trifecta: TP/wipes/hand sanitizer, right? Thanks Laura. >

  3. Salwar Khameez all the way! Super comfortable and you can hop on motorbikes, sit on the floor, climb temple stairs with no problem. Even do a yoga practice 😉

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